Food Nouveau is for those curious about the whys and hows of cooking and baking success.

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Hi there! I’m Marie Asselin–the founder, recipe developer, cook, and dishwasher at Food Nouveau. (Learn more about me and how I got started blogging over 10 years ago.)

I focus on recreating the dishes and desserts I discover in the countries I travel to most often–as well as those from my heritage: France, Italy, Japan, and Québec. On my travels, I immerse myself in the regional markets and grocery stores but my favorite thing to do is spend time with local chefs, touring their favorite spots, taking cooking classes, and learning their favorite techniques and ingredients. Sometimes they even share their family recipes with me!

Then I go home and practice, practice, practice. I break down the dishes into their most fundamental pieces and that is how I’m able to bring you detailed, easy-to-follow tutorials for dishes like macarons, éclairs, arancini, and Bolognese sauce. Each dish is taken apart and their creation is explained in detail, along with helpful pictures and videos.

My goal is to empower food lovers to make these dishes at home. So what if you can’t hop on a plane to enjoy gelato in Rome? You can churn some in your own kitchen instead.

No dish is too intimidating if you have the right recipe, tips, and guidance to understand the process. So… let’s get started!

Food Nouveau is for those curious about the whys and hows of cooking and baking success.

Food Nouveau’s Most Popular How-To Tutorials

Most people who land here on Food Nouveau for the first time are looking for one of these tutorials. My how-to recipes are filled with useful information, tips, step-by-step instructions and access to troubleshooting help.

Don’t Miss These Video Classes

If you learn better when you can see something being made right in front of you, then you might find my Skillshare video classes helpful. You can cook right along with me as I walk you through each step of the process.

Several of the tutorials above are available as a video classes:

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Use the Site’s Recipe Index

If pizza, pie crust or dessert aren’t really what you’re looking for right this minute, head to my recipe index. It contains hundreds of recipes and it’s designed to make it easy for you to discover your next favorite dish!

Use the recipe filters (meal type, skill/time, ingredient, craving, occasion) to narrow down your search based on what you feel like eating, how much time you have and what’s in your fridge.

HOT TIP! You can use multiple filters to find what you’re looking for.

Want a quick, veggie focused dinner on the table in under 30 minutes? Simply check off DINNER as your meal type, 30 MIN OR LESS as your Skill/Time and VEGETABLES as your main ingredient! You’ll be presented with a host of veggie focused dinner ideas that will be ready in a snap!

Use the Recipe Key to identify dishes that fit with your dietary requirements. Dishes are quickly identified as Vegan, Naturally Sweet, Dairy-Free or Gluten-Free before you even click on them.

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