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12 Scrumptious, Savory Brunch Recipes with Eggs

12 Scrumptious, Savory Brunch Recipes with Eggs

Your next brunch get-together will be an absolute delight with any of these 12 savory brunch recipes that use the quintessential brunch ingredient: eggs!

12 Scrumptious Savory Brunch Recipes with Eggs //

I have yet to find anybody who doesn’t love brunch and truly, what’s not to love? Lazy late mornings that stretch into the afternoon, a smorgasbord of scrumptious sweet and savory brunch dishes, catching up with friends and family and, if we’re lucky, a lovely outdoor patio!

Brunch is known for its mix of sweet and savory dishes that run from simple and fresh to luxuriously decadent. But it’s hard to argue that brunch just wouldn’t be brunch without egg dishes.

Savory egg brunch recipes are high on my list of favorite recipes to create simply because the variety is endless. They can run the gamut from classic simplicity, like Asparagus with Gribiche Dressing, to a luxuriously decadent Croque-Monsieur Bake.

Brunch without having a dish drowning in Hollandaise sauce would be a crime and here you’ll find a foolproof eggs benedict and a mouth-watering runny egg and ham breakfast sandwichboth of which make the most of my super easy blender Hollandaise sauce

All the other savory brunch classics are here: quiche Lorraine, ham and egg crepes, a frittata with prosciutto and cherry tomatoes. But there are also modern eggy brunch favorites in this collection such as breakfast pizza, superfast egg tacos, zucchini bread pudding, and soft boiled egg and asparagus tartine. 

Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is!

1. Foolproof Eggs Benedict with Blender Hollandaise Sauce

Eggs Benedict is probably the gold medalist of all savory brunch recipes. If you’ve never made it at home, don’t be intimidated! My foolproof Eggs Benedict recipe contains tips and an easy blender hollandaise sauce to breezily make the popular brunch dish at home!

Foolproof Eggs Benedict with Blender Hollandaise Sauce //

2. Classic Quiche Lorraine

No other savory pie is more elegant than classic Quiche Lorraine. Get the step-by-step instructions to make this elegant, rich, custardy French dish in your home kitchen.

How to Make Classic Quiche Lorraine //

3. Croque-Monsieur Bake

Croque-Monsieur Bake is a scrumptious, make-ahead savory brunch recipe for lovers of cheesy, gooey treats. You can easily scale up this recipe to feed a crowd!

Croque-Monsieur Bake //

4. Savory Buckwheat Crepes with Egg, Ham, and Cheese (Galettes Complètes)

These savory buckwheat crepes are filled with ham and cheese and topped with fried eggs to create an incredibly delicious, fabulously nutritious breakfast or brunch dish.

Savory Buckwheat Crepes with Egg, Ham, and Cheese (Galettes Complètes) //

5. Savory Clafoutis with Vegetables and Goat Cheese

A twist on a classic French dessert, this easy and elegant savory clafoutis colorfully highlights summer vegetables. Great for brunches and picnics!

Savory Clafoutis with Summer Vegetables and Goat Cheese //

6. Breakfast Pizza from Scratch

For true pizza lovers, there’s nothing like starting your day with a breakfast pizza. Learn how to make a memorable one, from the best crust to the most scrumptious toppings!

Breakfast Pizza from Scratch //

7. Asparagus with Gribiche Dressing

Gribiche dressing is a French condiment made with hard-boiled eggs and flavorful garnishes such as cornichons and capers. This savory brunch recipe is guaranteed to wow your guests. Plus, gribiche is the perfect dressing to highlight crunchy, bright green spring asparagus!

Asparagus with Gribiche Dressing //

8. Soft-Boiled Egg and Fresh Asparagus Tartine

This asparagus tartine combines thinly sliced asparagus with a runny egg and hummus to create a colorful, hearty, easy brunch dish!

Dukkah, Soft-Boiled Egg, and Fresh Asparagus Tartine //

9. Superfast Egg Tacos

These egg tacos come together in a snap and the recipe can easily be scaled up or down. It’s a versatile, family-friendly savory brunch recipe you can also serve for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

These tacos come together as quickly as scrambled eggs. They're a versatile, family-friendly recipe idea for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Quick and Easy Weeknight Tacos //

10. Egg, Ham, and Apple Breakfast Sandwich

This spectacular breakfast sandwich offers an irresistible combination of creamy, salty, sweet, and crunchy, bringing it to a special occasion-worthy level.

Runny Egg, Maple Ham, and Crispy Apple Breakfast Sandwich with Blender Hollandaise Sauce //

11. Zucchini and Parmesan Savory Bread Pudding

This veggie-filled savory bread pudding comes together quickly and gets even more flavorful with time. Salty parmesan makes it an irresistible make-ahead savory brunch recipe that will get your guests talking!

Zucchini and Parmesan Savory Bread Pudding //

12. Frittata di Pane (Bread Frittata)

This cherry tomato bread frittata, or “Frittata di Pane” as it is known in Italy, is delicious warm or cool and travels well. Perfect for brunch, potlucks, or picnics!

Frittata di Pane (Bread Frittata) with Broiled Cherry Tomatoes and Prosciutto //


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