Zucchini, Chicken & Pecan Salad Wraps

An unusual mix of ingredients makes for the perfect end-of-summer sandwich.

Zucchini, Chicken & Pecan Salad Wraps // FoodNouveau.com

Serves 4

¼ cup [60 ml] olive oil
¼ cup [60 ml] freshly squeezed lemon juice
1¼ lb [560 g] zucchini

1 tbsp [15 ml] olive oil
1 lb [454 g] chicken breasts, boneless and skinless

8 oz [225 g] baby spinach, coarsely chopped
½ red onion, thinly sliced
¾ cup [180 ml] chopped pecans
¼ cup [60 ml] grated parmesan cheese
¼ cup [60 ml] fresh mint, finely chopped

Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Large whole-wheat (or regular) wraps

Slice the zucchini into very thin rounds (a mandolin is the perfect tool to do this quickly).

In a large bowl, whisk together ¼ cup [60 ml] olive oil, the lemon juice, ½ tsp [7 ml] sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Add the sliced zucchini and toss to coat. Marinate at room temperature while cooking chicken.

In a large nonstick skillet, heat 1 tbsp [15 ml] olive oil over medium heat. Season chicken breasts with salt and pepper. Cook until golden brown on both sides, about 7 minutes per side. Make sure the chicken is well cooked by piercing it with the tip of a knife. If the juices come out clear, chicken is ready. Remove from skillet and let cool for 5 minutes. Slice thinly.

Toss chicken slices with zucchini mixture, chopped spinach, red onion, chopped pecans, parmesan cheese and chopped mint. Taste and adjust seasoning to taste. Spoon the salad into the wraps, roll the wraps very tightly and wrap into parchment paper to help keep the sandwiches together. Serve immediately.

Note: Because excess water from the zucchini will leach out into the salad as it sits, it is recommended to garnish the wraps right before serving them. You can make the salad a few hours in advance, just make sure to leave the excess liquid out of the sandwiches when you assemble them.

Recipe Credit: Adapted from Everyday Food Magazine

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