March 20, 2012: Happy Macaron Day!

Happy Macaron Day 2012!

What a sweet day it is when you get the excuse to indulge in delicious, colorful macarons! Macaron Day was created 7 years ago by Pierre Hermé in Paris to celebrate the French delicacy, but especially to benefit a good cause. On March 20 every year, dozens of pastry shops around Paris give away macarons, and collect donations for Autistes Sans Frontières. Thanks to the macarons’ worldwide popularity, many other cities are also celebrating Macaron Day. Here are links for more information:

Tons of other shops around the globe are having a very special day today, so check with your local pastry shops to discover what they have in store to celebrate Macaron Day!

More macaron inspiration: 

  • Macaron master Pierre Hermé has created a special macaron for Macaron Day: “Mutine” with coconut and milk chocolate ganache. Yum!
  • Writer and blogger Ann Mah has posted an excerpt from Amy Thomas’ book, Paris, My Sweet, which narrates her first macaron tasting in Paris.
  • Macaronathon: A Google Map of pastry shops, bakeries and cafes in the New York area that specialize in French macarons.

Of course, you can also make your own macarons. Here are my own posts that detail how to make macarons, if you feel up for it:

Find more recipes and inspiration on my All About Macarons page.

Do you know of other macaron events taking place today? If so, please share in the comments below!

I wish you a delicious Macaron Day! Indulge and always remember to give back.


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