Clementine Jelly //

Clementine Jelly

Yield 1 Jar (1½ CUPS (375 ML))

This colorful Clementine Jelly is perfect over toast, croissants, and waffles--or even in between layers of sponge cake to create a very special dessert.



Mix clementine juice and calcium water in a medium pan. Measure the sugar and thoroughly mix pectin into the sugar.

Bring the clementine juice and calcium water mixture to a boil. Add sugar-pectin mixture, stir vigorously 1 to 2 minutes while the mixture comes back to a boil. Remove from the heat and immediately pour into a clean glass jar. Cover and refrigerate until the jelly is set.


If you intend to use the jelly quickly, say within a week or two, you can store the jelly in a regular clean jar. However, if you wanted to make this jelly as a preserve, don’t forget to sterilize the jar before pouring the jelly into it for longer storage.

Recipe Credit: Marie Asselin

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