{Happy Fridays} Eating dandelions, flying to Europe, learning to enjoy leftovers, and more!

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It's dandelion season! Dandelions are delicious and good for you.

What’s New

  • Dandelions are everywhere right now. That wild flower has a bad rap (people work so hard to get them off their lawn!), but I think they’re pretty, especially in such great quantity. Also, they’re edible and even good for you: half a cup of leaves contain more calcium than a glass of milk! They’re also full of vitamins and iron. You can enjoy dandelion greens in salad, or cook them like you would spinach. If you feel like you want to try them, always make sure you pick some that were not sprayed with pesticides or herbicides, of course! Have you ever tasted dandelions? I haven’t but this article makes me feel adventurous (Pickled Dandelion Flower Buds sound fantastic!).
  • We’re flying to Europe next week! E and I are leaving on a well deserved vacation together. Our trip starts in Venice, where we’ve rented an apartment located right by the Rialto Market. We’ll be sharing it with good friends of ours who love to cook and eat as much as we do, so I really look forward to grocery shopping daily at the Rialto, cooking with our friends in our adoptive Italian kitchen, drinking Spritz (our favorite Venetian drink) on sunny terraces, and getting lost in Venise’s narrow streets!
  • On the second part of our trip, we’re flying over to Copenhagen. The more I read about that city, the more I look forward to be there. No, we didn’t manage to get a reservation at Noma; we’re on the waiting list, but Chef Redzepi recently tweeted that there can be as many as 1,200 names on that list, every day…! I think our chances to get in are nonexistent, but I have a long list of other amazing restaurants to try so we’ll be eating fantastic food for sure. Also, it may sound silly, but I can’t wait to have Smørrebrød in Danemark! To me, Copenhagen rhymes with innovative design, delicious food, beautiful people and gorgeous surroundings, so I can’t wait to be wander in such inspiring surroundings.

Worth Talking About

  • Mastering leftovers: Most people dread leftovers, but I actually enjoy the challenge of transforming them into new dishes. This week, I mixed leftover tandoori chicken and chickpea curry together to make a soup so tasty I noted down a recipe to actually make it on purpose. I love when such ah-ha moments happen! Not convinced leftovers can be exciting? This Food 52 article provides tips to transform them into delicious new dishes, from soups to pizza.
  • Do you know Chantelle Grady? She’s a talented photographer and blogger from Australia who now lives in Montreal. She’s a fairly new comer to the blogging scene, but she immediately got noticed with the gorgeous online magazine about Montreal she published early this year. This week, she launched a new site, Sourced Cities, which promises to provide inspiring guidance through the world’s most beautiful cities. The first issue is not released yet, but have a look at the blog for a taste of what’s to come: 10 Things to Do in Athens.

Just Added to My “To-Make” List

Roasted Capsicum and Almond Spread by ScandifoodieVegetarian Smashed Cauliflower and Roasted Asparagus Sandwich by White on Rice CoupleBrown Butter Strawberry Cake with Swiss Meringue Cream by Roost
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Have a great and delicious weekend!

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