My Assignment as the New About.com Montreal/Quebec City Travel Guide

My Assignment as the New About.com Montreal/Quebec City Travel Guide / FoodNouveau.com

This week, I’m overtaking the usual Edible Cities column to chat about my newest assignment—which isn’t completely unrelated. This past spring, I spotted an opening to become the new About.com Montreal / Quebec City travel guide. I checked the existing site, and the most current articles dated back to 2009. How can that be, I thought, when there’s so much happening in both cities, and more people ask me for tips and advice about visiting Quebec than ever before? I myself often rely on About.com guides for practical advice when I’m traveling, so I was extremely excited about the possibility of becoming a reference for others.

I applied, and after a lengthy evaluation and hiring process, I was chosen as the new guide in late June. Although I was ecstatic about getting the job, I knew it would be quite a challenge. The site needed to be rebuilt from the ground up, and About.com’s content management system has a pretty steep learning curve. Administrative issues also needed to be handled, so my new site finally ended up being posted online in September.

I’m really excited for this new opportunity because after writing so much about other cities and countries, this site will provide me a platform to talk about my hometowns. Yes, hometowns, plural, because I was born in Montreal, but I have lived my whole adult life in Quebec City. Needless to say, both cities are endlessly interesting places to discover, but I believe our French Canadian culture also makes the province of Quebec a special place to visit for everyone.

I’m also excited and honored to be part of a major organization such as About.com. The site was founded in 1996 with the goal of offering expert content that helps users find solutions to a wide range of daily needs—from parenting and technology to cooking, travel, and many other topics. When I was first hired, the site was owned by The New York Times, which means I had to perfect my knowledge of the ethics of “classic journalism,” something in which I am passionately interested. I’m enjoying the opportunity to learn and my knowledge will for sure keep on growing as I learn the ropes of my new assignment.

At the end of August, About.com was acquired by IAC/InterActiveCorp, a major Internet company that also owns popular sites such as Ask.com, Vimeo, and many more. I believe being owned by a company with such an extensive online expertise will allow About.com to continue improving and to become an even more visual and interesting place for users to browse through.

My About.com Montreal/Quebec City Travel site is a work in progress, and new articles and blog posts will be added every month. I hope to interact with readers to decide on what topics I will next cover. Have you ever visited Quebec? What did you like best? If you never have, what aspects of Montreal or Quebec City are you most curious about?

I hope you will visit (and bookmark!) my new site. Here are all the ways you can keep in touch:

Here are some of the latest articles I published on About.com:

In case you’re wondering about what will become of FoodNouveau, no worries: my food and travel blog will remain about around-the-world food and travel, and I will, of course, keep on updating it! About.com is a new opportunity for me to share specifically about Montreal and Quebec City, a mission that’s entirely different from that of FoodNouveau. Stay tuned for new columns, how-to’s. and recipes coming up throughout the fall!

Photo Credits: Old Port of Montreal by Stéphan Poulin. Quebec City Skyline by Asif A. Ali

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6 Responses to My Assignment as the New About.com Montreal/Quebec City Travel Guide

    • Thank you so much Ann, you make me blush! I sincerely hope that we’ll meet when you come up to Quebec, so I get to show you my favorite spots!

  1. I’ve been in Montreal for the past 5 years, and I just moved back to Quebec City last july. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve always seen Montreal as a city where I’d study and have fun, knowing it’s diversity of people (and coming from them, diversity of entertainement possibilities). When I came back to Quebec City, I’ve found a city that transformed marvelously in the last half-decade.

    There is more and more ethnicities around, more big names in festival, a culture of food that was there before but continued to evolve! I’ve always standed on top of the Montreal-Quebec rivalty, having lived in both of them, the two have their strong and weak point… But I’m expecting numerous surprise coming from Quebec as it (hopefully) continue to grow it’s identity more and more !

    Congrats on the job ! ;)

    • Thanks for your comment Jean-Philippe. I’m especially happy to hear about your experience coming back to Quebec City. You probably know like I do that that move is much rarer than the reverse, so it’s good to hear that you noticed significant changes in Quebec City. I think the city has taken a turn for the better over the years leading up to its 400th anniversary and it hasn’t stopped improving. Good for us, right? And it’s great for visitors too.

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