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{Food on Film} Where Chefs Eat / FoodNouveau.com

I find that more and more people want to know where locals eat when they travel to a new city, rather than relying on restaurants that offer safe, “tourist menus”. Lately, I have discovered a new source for restaurant recommendations: chefs. Before visiting Copenhagen last spring, I read an article in which the chefs from Noma recommended their favorite restaurants in the city. I ended up trying many of those places with great success, so I figured I would have to dig a little deeper to try and find more of those recommendations, for cities around the world.

Once their shift is over, most chefs prefer to eat simply and without fuss. They like honest and straightforward food. And most prioritize value for money. Sounds like the criteria you base your restaurant choices on? Watch the trailer for an upcoming Phaidon book: Where Chefs Eat (and catch a few recos right now). It’s the ultimate insider guide that will reveal where some of the world’s best chefs like to eat. My only concern? Many of those places will most probably become difficult to book once the book is released.

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