{Food on Film} An American Food Trip

{Food on Film} An American Food Trip, by The Perennial Plate / FoodNouveau.com

The Perennial Plate is a web documentary series about sustainable eating. Daniel and Mirra, the couple that is co-producing the series, eat, cook, farm, hunt and forage around the world, all the while interviewing people from the food industry to understand where good food comes from. They’re in their third season now, and I’m in love with the way they film and edit each of their episodes. They have a very unique to build narratives using the voices of people they interview and music always plays an important role in the stories they tell.

In season two, they traveled across America for a year, allowing us to meet incredibly hard-working people, see places we’ll probably never get to see otherwise and learn more about America’s true food and culinary heritage. There are 50 episodes in the season, each lasting about 3 to 5 minutes, but to give you a taste, watch this video compiling some of the best moments from their incredible journey.

“It’s a very serious thing to kill an animal. People should take it very seriously. They shouldn’t be expecting to eat meat seven days a week, two meals a day. I don’t think they should.”

An American Food Trip from The Perennial Plate on Vimeo.

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