{Edible Cities} Studio City, LA, with Dariela from Mami Talks

{Edible Cities} Studio City, LA, with Daniela from Mami Talks

Meet Dariela Cruz, a graphic designer and blogger who lives in Los Angeles, California. Dariela was born in Venezuela and moved to LA from Mexico just over 10 years ago. She has since then gotten married and started a family, and she now runs a successful freelance design business and conducts online Photoshop classes with her sister Dariana. Her bilingual blog, Mami Talks, gives her a platform to share her unique stories, bright photography and everyday artistic projects.

My Edible City

Daniela Cruz, Mami TalksStudio City, Los Angeles. I fell in love with Studio City the very first time I stepped foot in it. It’s a city that wears its name very well because of the many movies, TV shows and ads that are always being filmed around it. It has a classy Hollywood feel combined with a vintage and eclectic culture: the best combination!

My favorite place in the city is Tujunga Avenue, which is lined with cute little shops, cafés and restaurants. It’s the best kept secret around the area and a lovely street to take a walk on. There are great clothing and shoe boutiques, a yoga studio, a spa, a theater as well as local businesses like interior designers and hair salons. Of course, there are also great restaurants, a classic Italian one, a gelato/coffee counter, a pizzeria as well as my very favorite place: Aroma Café.

I started going to Aroma Café since it was a tiny café. Now they have grown bigger and they offer a full menu along with great coffee and pastries. They also have a little bookstore inside which is as charming as can be, offering a great selection of beautiful gifts for adults and kids. They have indoor and outdoor seating and eating there feels like you were enjoying a meal in your friend’s backyard. It’s very cozy!

My Favorite Dish

Daniela Cruz' Favorite Dish: The OmeletteThe omelette. My favorite time of the day to go have a bite at Aroma Café in Studio City is for breakfast or brunch. I almost always get something with eggs and their omelettes are the best. You can “make your own” with their ingredients, and I usually choose bell peppers, mushrooms and Swiss cheese, although I will make some changes to that combination depending on the day because they have lots of ingredients to choose from. The omelette is served with potatoes and your choice of toast but I like to substitute the potatoes with their house salad which is delicious and for bread I prefer the English muffin.

There is no doubt that their omelettes are always made with fresh ingredients, you can taste their richness! Of course for me it wouldn’t be complete without an iced latte which they offer very fresh as well.

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Next week, Dianne Jacob, former magazine editor, author, blogger, speaker, coach and mentor to countless food writers around the world, is taking us to her hometown: Oakland, California. Don’t miss it!

Photo credits: Studio City picture and Dariela’s portrait by Dariela Cruz; Omelette picture by Jules Clancy via Flickr.


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