{Edible Cities} Seattle, with Kristan from The Broken Bread

{Edible Cities} Seattle, with Kristan from The Broken Bread // FoodNouveau.com

Meet Kristan Raines, a food blogger from Seattle. I recently met Kristan during a webinar, and I quickly noticed her new blog, The Broken Bread. I like that the site’s super simple design puts her huge, atmospheric pictures forward and the fact that she alternates recipe posts with equally atmospheric videos she makes with her husband. Kristan is a cookbook collector and a lover of freshly baked goods, fine craft beer and anything covered in chocolate. Here’s Seattle, in her own words.

My Edible City

Kristan Raines, food blogger on The Broken Bread // FoodNouveau.comSeattle. I have been able to call Seattle home for just over a year now, and my husband and I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful place to live. Locals have often asked me why I left Southern California for Washington, and my response is always, “I wish I would have moved up here sooner!” Seattle has been such a wonderful host since our move, offering us lush forests, beautiful lakes, and glorious views of many snow-capped mountains that surround this emerald city. Seattle does have its fair share cloudy days and rain, but when summer makes its appearance, people are out and about enjoying the picturesque views located throughout town. Local farmers markets, French pastry shops, artisan cheese stores, and independent breweries are just a few of the many edible and drinkable destinations available to anyone who decides to visit this great city.

My Favorite Dish

Caribbean Pork Sandwich at Paseo, Kristan Raines' favorite dish in Seattle // FoodNouveau.comCaribbean Pork Sandwich at Paseo. Before moving to Seattle, my husband I made a trip up north to explore our future home. Our days were filled with bits of rain, beautiful hikes, and many restaurants. One of my favorite dishes in this city has to be the Caribbean Pork Sandwich from Paseo. This was my very first meal in Seattle, thus earning a very special place in my heart. Paseo is combination of exotic comfort food, combined with a relaxed atmosphere and eclectic design. The restaurant is quite cozy, fitting no more than 20 people at a time, and the line is often out the door. With such alluring meals, people are more that willing to wait, no matter how long the line can get. The Caribbean Pork Sandwich I like to order comes on freshly baked bread, filled with tender meat smothered with some of the best sautéed onions I have ever had. If you are ever are in Seattle, I urge you to take some time to check out this diamond in the rough.

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Photo Credits: All pictures by Kristan Raines.

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