{Edible Cities} Seattle, with Kait from Yuppie Love

{Edible Cities} Seattle, with Kait from Yuppie Love

Meet Kait Kucy, a freelance lifestyle writer who lives in Calgary, Canada. Kait is a woman of many passions: food, fashion, travel, DIY projects and interior design are all topics that catch her attention and about which she cheerfully writes on her blog Yuppie Love. She’s a regular contributor to Calgary’s Swerve MagazineAir Canada’s EnRoute Magazine, and many other online publications. Here’s Seattle, in her own words.

Kait Kucy, freelance lifestyle writer from Calgary, Canada, blogger on YuppieLove.org.My Edible City

Seattle, Washington. Last August, my husband and I roadtripped to Seattle for the first time – a special trip marking our one year anniversary. While we had done plenty of research of where to go and what to eat, what we found was beyond our expectations. Seattle was a real treat for people like us who just love to eat and consume copious amounts of strong coffee. While every meal was breathtakingly delicious – from numerous scoops from Molly Moon Ice Cream, fabulously fresh sushi in the University District and the farmers markets that seemed to pop up on every corner – there was, of course, that one standout dish that is particularly memorable for me.

Oysters, Kait Kucy's favorite dish in Seattle.My Favorite Dish

Oysters. We ended our fifth amazing day with the most incredible, intoxicating, mind-blowing batch of MASSIVE oysters that I have ever eaten.  We saddled up to the tiny bar at Jack’s Fish Spot at Pike Place Market and ordered a dozen oysters and fish & chips. Oh, and of course, some Coca-Colas. Not only were the prices incredible (ie. cheap!) but the oysters were so intoxicating we were literally drunk off our stools at the fish shack. I definitely consider myself an oyster-junkie (which is certainly hard to deal with when living in between the mountains and the prairies in Calgary) but I have certainly never tasted any quite like these.

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Photo credits: All pictures by Kait Kucy.

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