{Edible Cities} Saskatoon, with Dan from Dan’s Good Side

{Edible Cities} Saskatoon, with Dan Clapson from Dan's Good Side / FoodNouveau.com

Meet Dan Clapson, a food writer and culinary instructor from Calgary, Canada. Dan is on a transitional journey from food blogger to chef and you can follow along on his culinary adventures on his blog, Dan’s Good Side. He also contributes regularly to a variety of publications including Avenue Magazine, Flavours Magazine and Metro News, and he recently produced a series of online, interactive pieces for the second season of Top Chef Canada. Here’s Saskatoon, Canada, in his own words.

My Edible City

Dan Clapson, food writer, culinary instructor and blogger on dansgoodside.com. / FoodNouveau.comSaskatoon, Saskatchewan. Although I may have fled left my home town of Saskatoon years ago in search of greener pastures and micro-brew beers, I’ve come to realize that this city, much like The Spice Girls, will always have a piece of my heart. The often bone-chilling winter here is juxtaposed nicely by absolutely amazing spring and summer seasons. Strolling Broadway Avenue here will take you by artisan food shops like The Bulk Cheese Warehouse (their samosas kick some serious ass!), and some great live music venues (including Amigo’s, rated as one of the best venues in Canada by CBC Radio 3, 2010). The newly developed river landing area is luscious and green with a brand new (dare I say sexy?) farmers’ market. I often hear rumours swirling of Vancouver and Calgary-based chefs thinking of opening new concepts in this little city. Indeed it seems that Saskatoon is on the cusp of a cultural renaissance.

Pho, Dan Clapson's favorite dish in Saskatoon, Canada. / FoodNouveau.comMy Favorite Dish

Pho. After much deliberation I’d have to settle on the curry chicken soup at Nutana Cafe on Broadway Avenue. I have been going there for pho every since I was about 8 years old. Although, it’s not the best bowl of pho you can find in the city, it’s the sentimental value in dining there that makes it stand out for me. As much as food is about taste and quality, it’s also about whom you’re with and what’s going on around you. The owner, Norm, still remembers my name twenty years later. I love that.

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Photo Credits: Saskatoon picture and Dan Clapson’s portrait by Dan Clapson; Pho picture by Young Yun.

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  1. It never ceases to amaze when I see couplings like Saskatoon and Pho. Who’d-a-thunk. Thanks for the sentimental side of the story as well.

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