{Edible Cities} Salt Lake City, with Becky from The Vintage Mixer

{Edible Cities} Salt Lake City, with Becky from The Vintage Mixer

Meet Becky Rosenthal, a food writer and blogger living in Salt Lake City. Becky runs not one, but two blogs: the first one, The Vintage Mixer, is a recipe blog where she shares her passion for cooking; the second one, SLCfoodie, is a popular Salt Lake City resource for food and dining enthusiasts. When she’s not blogging, Becky hosts small gatherings with her husband called SLCmixers where food enthusiasts get to enjoy local dishes and drinks, and she manages her local coffee roasting business, Charming Beard. Get it? Becky’s life revolves around food and she sure knows how to convey her passion. Here’s Salt Lake City, in her own words. 

My Edible City

Becky Rosenthal, food writer and blogger on The Vintage Mixer and SLCfoodie / FoodNouveau.comSalt Lake City. Salt Lake City is the city I call home. Though I grew up in Texas and have only lived in Salt Lake for 7 years, the city quickly melted my heart with its stunning mountains, friendly dwellers, and emerging food scene. Sometimes I attribute my love for this city it to the four distinct seasons, other times it’s the skiing or even the summer evenings on the porch. For so many reasons, Utah is now home. Salt Lake City is a very exciting place to live right now for any armchair food enthusiast. There are new restaurants popping up all the time with amazing chefs and hospitable owner/operators. It feels like the Salt Lake food scene is rooted in a love for food rather than a love for the capitalistic venture alone. If I am not up in the mountains taking my dog, Henry, for a hike, I’m in the heart of the city chatting with a local restaurant owner or food producer. It’s rare to find a city where you can be in nature away from the city life, within 20 minutes yet come back to a non-harsh city reality and enjoy every minute of that too.

My Favorite Dishes

Les Madeleines' Kouign Amann, one of Becky Rosenthal's favorite dishes in Salt Lake City / FoodNouveau.comAnything related to breakfast. My favorite dish is always going to be something in the breakfast category.  While I have many favorite breakfasts around town, there are a few places which I frequent more often, and when I’m at my favorite spots in town I also have my favorite treats to order there. There are two in particular that I crave on a regular basis, the Kouing Aman from Les Madeleines Bakery, and the Almond Croissant from Tulie Bakery. And it doesn’t matter which bakery I’m at, I always order a black coffee to go with these sweet morning pastries. The Kouing Aman has a crispy and almost caramelized exterior but as you peel back the layers you get to a sweet and almost dough-y center. I pick this pasty apart, layer by layer, enjoying each bite with a sip of strong coffee. Tulie Bakery is my neighborhood bakery, which I frequent more often. When I go there I usually do change it up and order anything from their bran muffin to their granola, it’s all tasty there. But if I’m really splurging, it’s their almond croissant, a giant buttery and flaky pastry, filled with almond paste and covered in powdered sugar and toasted almonds. Another pastry that can only be consumed with the balance of a hot cup of dark coffee.  And just to provide a little balance, I also have my favorite savory foods in town, like the Mussels at Cannella’s, a family run Italian restaurant, or the Shishito Peppers from Finca, a local Spanish Tapas Restaurant.

Useful Links

  • Discover Becky’s sites: The Vintage Mixer, her seasonal recipe blog, and the SLC Foodie, her blog about all things food and drink in Salt Lake City
  • Learn more about SLCmixers, Becky’s local gatherings around food and drink
  • Wake up to Charming Beard, Becky’s coffee roasting company that specializes in single-origin small-batch coffees
  • More SLC foodie resources: A Foodie Tour of Salt Lake City — Part 1 and Part 2.

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Photo Credits: Salt Lake City picture by CountyLemonade; Becky’s portrait and Les Madeleines’ Kouing Aman picture by Becky Rosenthal.

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