{Edible Cities} Salt Lake City, with Annalise from Completely Delicious

{Edible Cities} Salt Lake City, with Annalise from Completely Delicious // FoodNouveau.com

Meet Annalise Sandberg, a blogger living in Salt Lake City. I first discovered Annalise’s blog, Completely Delicious, almost three years ago when we were both participating in a blogging contest. Her penchant for sweets hooked me right away, and she has become a reference of mine when I need help with something I’m struggling with (I’m looking at you, pie dough). Annalise attended culinary school, but most of her baking skills are self-taught. She is a full blogger and stay-at-home mom to her 9-month-old son, John. When she’s not in the kitchen, she can be found enjoying Utah’s great outdoors. Here’s Salt Lake City, in her own words.

Annalise Sandberg, blogger at Completely Delicious // FoodNouveau.comMy Edible City

Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City is not my hometown but it’s been my home for many years now. It was here that I met my husband Steve, attended culinary school, and discovered my love of baking. I also discovered a community of like-minded bloggers and food enthusiasts that have helped me explore the culinary gems of Salt Lake City. It may be a small city, but Salt Lake City is only on the up and up. New restaurants and cafes seem to pop up almost on a weekly basis and I love that its small size makes it easier to be aware of almost everything the city has to offer.

My Favorite Dish

Sauteed Brussels Sprouts, Annalise Sandberg's favorite dish in Salt Lake City (Photo by Jules Clancy) // FoodNouveau.comSauteed Brussels Sprouts. Although my passion lies in baking and pastry, and I have favorite sweet treats all across the city, the dish in Salt Lake City that has impacted me the most is Brussels sprouts. The first time I had them was at my favorite SLC restaurant The Copper Onion where you can order them as a side dish. Which I do, every time I visit. They dry sauté finely shaved Brussels sprouts on a griddle top until tender and a little bit charred. Then they finish them off with a little olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. So simple, and yet so amazing. I also really enjoy the Brussels sprouts at Eva where they serve them with toasted hazelnuts, and at Pizzeria 712 (a short drive south in Orem, Utah), where halved Brussels sprouts are served in a terrific maple glaze. I’ve tried to recreate these dishes in my own kitchen with only mild success. Sometimes, it’s best to leave it to the pros.

If you must know where my sweet tooth likes to visit, I’m torn between the Kouing Aman pastry from Les Madeleines Bakery and the cupcake confections at The Sweet Tooth Fairy.

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Photo Credits: Salt Lake City picture by Britt Reints, Annalise’s portrait by Annalise Sandberg, Brussels sprouts picture by Jules Clancy.


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