{Edible Cities} Philadelphia, with Lindsey from Lost in Cheeseland

{Edible Cities} Philadelphia, with Lindsey from Lost in Cheeseland

Meet Lindsey Tramuta, a freelance writer and blogger living in Paris. Some might say Lindsey’s living a real-life fairy tale: she married a French man, moved to Paris (and lived happily ever after). Her blog, Lost in Cheeseland, is certainly an inspiration of mine, one I discovered soon after I came back from my enchanting 5-month stay in Paris in 2009, right when I was so deeply nostalgic. I needed to go back, if only virtually, and I felt that Lindsey saw and loved Paris for better or for worse, exactly as I did. She chronicles (and photographs) what makes Paris such a romantic and idealized city as well as its quirks, which I believe are responsible for my falling in love so hard with it. Many others appreciates Lindsey’s writing as much as I do, since Lost in Cheeseland has won the Best European Blog Award in the 2011 Bloggies, and she’s also a contributor to the NYT T Magazine, France Magazine, Travel + Leisure and Fricote, a bilingual Paris food magazine. Here’s Philadelphia, in her own words. 

My Edible City

Lindsey Tramuta, freelance writer and blogger on Lost in Cheeseland. / FoodNouveau.comPhiladelphia. Paris has been home for the last six years and will likely continue to be but Philadelphia, my storied hometown, remains one of my favorite cities in the world. My tales about the city are often met with blank stares – Is that near New York? Should we know it? the French always ask, seeming to give credence to the notion, shared even among Americans, that Philadelphia exists in the shadow of the big apple. Untrue, I tell them and enumerate its many treasures which go beyond a rich history in the arts and sciences. It’s a gourmet destination, brimming with farmer’s markets, farm-to-table and ethnic fare, gourmet coffee, artisanal bread makers, dynamic bars, internationally renowned chefs and, of course, a host of classics (hearty cheesesteaks and hoagies, pillowy soft pretzels and sweet water ice). Though my visits are limited to one to two times a year, they get sweeter and more exciting each time.

My Favorite Dish

Capogiro's gelato, Lindsey Tramuta's favorite dish in Philadelphia. / FoodNouveau.comGelato. Given the myriad areas in which Philadelphia excels in food, it’s little surprise that ice cream is one of them. My first taste of gelato wasn’t at one of the many creameries lining the streets in Italy but rather at the city’s standout gelateria, Capogiro, recently named the world’s best by National Geographic (no, really!). Their artisanal ice creams and sorbets are prepared fresh daily and include an eclectic array of flavors worth mixing from Lampone Rosso (Lancaster county red raspberries) and bourbon butterscotch to caschew and thai coconut milk. I always opt for the pistachio, rich with nuts sourced from Sicily, and a flavor of the moment. None are subtle, all leave a lasting impression. When I’m feeling particularly nostalgic, I head to Pozzetto in Paris for a taste of home. It does the trick every time!

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Photo Credits: Philadelphia picture by Kevin Burkett, Lindsey’s portrait and gelato picture by Lindsey Tramuta.

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  1. I know Lindsey from Paris, but I love reading about her Philadelphia roots! And who knew the world’s best gelato was in the mid-Atlantic? I can’t wait to check it out.

    • That’s why I like reading about everyone’s experience so much. After Pho in Saskatoon, I thought nothing would surprise me, but best gelato in the world in Philly? That alone makes me want to go!

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