{Edible Cities} New York City, with Erick and Emily from Home, a Sandwich Shoppe

{Edible Cities} New York City, with Erick and Emily from Home, a Sandwich Shoppe // FoodNouveau.com

Meet Erick and Emily, lifestyle bloggers and soon-to-be restaurateurs from New York City. Erick is a food enthusiast who is obsessed with creating the perfect sandwich, and Emily’s background in marketing and event planning make her passionate about events and creative projects (and she loves sandwiches too!). Put the two together and you’ve got a yummy Sandwich Shoppe that will soon serve delicious-looking sammies. While you’re patiently waiting for their joint to open, visit their blog, where they share recipes, DIY projects and their favorite discoveries and adventures. Here’s New York City, in their own words.

Our Edible City

Erick and Emily from Home, a Sandwich Shoppe // FoodNouveau.comNew York City. New York City in itself requires no introductions; after all it is arguably the greatest city in the world. However after four years of living, working, and playing in the city that never sleeps, I think we see the city through a slightly different lens than those who are just passing through. Yes—New York is the food, the museums, the culture, the hustle and bustle. But more often than not, it is the quiet moments that rarely get noticed which make up quintessential New York life to us. Early morning walks on the weekend when the city is sleeping, the first bite of your favorite deli sandwich, summer sunsets on your roof, the knowing look shared between friends the first time you had a “New York Moment,” jostling next to someone in a cab at dawn who you just met at a party… the latter of which was how we actually met.

Our Favorite Dish

Eggs Benedict, Erick and Emily's favorite dish in New York City // FoodNouveau.comEggs Benedict. To New Yorkers, brunch is a big deal. Now, we know that everyone appreciates brunch in other cities, but we would doubt if that appreciation is on the same magnitude of the passion people feel for brunch here. Brunch is an event here—some would say more like a sporting event or perhaps feeding time at the zoo, but it’s undoubtedly an event. Brunch has a special place in our hearts, too, because it’s actually one of the things that brought us together on that fateful cab ride from Queens; we were getting “brunch” together we said as our thinly-veiled excuse to spend more time together after talking all night. Ever since, our favorite New York City meal together is brunch, specifically Eggs Benedict. Fittingly, Eggs Benedict was invented by another brunch loving New Yorker, Lemuel Benedict. As the story goes, Benedict first requested the dish to help cure a hangover at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in the 1890’s. As egg-loving devotees of the dish, we’ve tried plenty of different variations of Eggs Benedict and our favorite has to be from the Clinton Baking Co. Their version is the perfect marriage of hearty Canadian bacon, perfectly poached eggs, creamy hollandaise sauce and their own spin on the dish–swapping the traditional English muffin for a crumbly biscuit. Devine! When it comes to brunch, Sarabeth’s and Alice’s Tea Cup both are runners up, both for their egg benedict and other breakfast staples.

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