{Edible Cities} Naples, with Stephanie from Global Dish

{Edible Cities} Naples, with Stephanie from A Global Dish // FoodNouveau.com

Meet Stephanie Arsenault, a food and travel writer and photographer from Calgary, Canada. Besides writing her own food blog, Global Dish, Stephanie is the West Coast Editor at Eat In, Eat Out Magazine and a contributing editor at Taste & Travel Magazine. In her spare time, she loves to hike and bike, but she also enjoys spending a lazy afternoon on a sunny terrace, drinking a pint of local craft beer. Stephanie is also a passionate traveler and Italy is at the very top of her favorite worldwide spots. Here’s Naples, in her own words.

My Edible City

Stephanie Arsenault, food and travel writer and photographer // FoodNouveau.comNaples. It doesn’t feel sufficient to call Naples a city. It’s an entity in its own – with a personality, charisma, and intensity unlike any other. It’s one of the longest inhabited cities in the world, so it’s had plenty of time to perfect its persona.

The streets are narrow, grey-washed, bustling passages; old in age, but full of energy and excitement. White-haired men gather around small tables, playing games and sipping coffee while their female counterparts tend to their own affairs in nearby homes and shops. It smells of sea water, exhaust and garlic {in the greatest way possible}.

The city is quintessentially Italian, and intoxicating: it’s full of passion, it’s loud, and of course, it’s very core revolves around remarkable food… pizza, in particular. Sounds kind of perfect, doesn’t it?

My Favorite Dish

Margherita Pizza, Stephanie Arsenault's favorite dish in Naples, Italy // FoodNouveau.comMargherita Pizza. What better place to go for a Margherita Pizza than the city it was first created in? There are few things in life that compare to authentic Neapolitan-style Margherita Pizza. The thin, chewy crust, the tangy sauce made of vine-ripened San Marzano tomatoes, the pure flavour of delicate leaves of basil, topped with a generous drizzle of fragrant, locally made olive oil; and – oh! – you can’t forget the unmistakable taste of fresh mozzarella.

My first bite of a Neapolitan Margherita Pizza was in an alleyway near Sorbillo, one of the best pizzerias in Naples, and I’m amazed I even had the chance to try it. I {being the clumsy person I am} managed to smack my head pretty hard on a cab door by accident when my husband and I were trying to make our way from the train station to the downtown centre of the city – a smack that left me mildly concussed. When we finally made it to Sorbillo, we waited about forty-five minutes in the packed mid-afternoon crowd for our turn to order, and then took our boxes of pizza to a spot just off of the road, where we planned to dig in. We were quickly ushered aside, however, by an elderly man who laughed as he pointed at the pigeons perched directly above our heads {what an unpleasant pizza topping that would have been!}. Lastly, just as we were about to open the boxes, we dropped them. One of them opened, tragically thrusting the pizza on to the street, but the other one survived. It was then that we finally – albeit carefully, trying to prevent any more mishaps – bit into the glorious pizza. It was worth every bit of hassle, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat for just one more bite.

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Photo Credits: Naples picture and Stephanie’s portrait by Stephanie Arsenault; Margherita pizza picture by I Am Jeffrey, via Flickr Creative Commons.

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  1. Lovely blog post! The pictures are amazing. Reminds me of an awesome food tour I took in Naples. It was with this company: foodtoursofnaples.com.. They were so friendly and took us around to all the authentic food spots. Divine!

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