{Edible Cities} Los Angeles, with Kristin from The Cuisinerd

{Edible Cities} Los Angeles, with Kristin from The Cuisinerd / FoodNouveau.com

Meet Kristin Guy, a freelance graphic designer, writer and blogger living in Los Angeles. I got to know Kristin through a blogging contest and noticed her because she stood out from the crowd in every way: she was quirky, she didn’t seem to take herself too seriously and — bonus points in my book — she used super cool typography and graphic elements all around her site. I immediately became a fan and never stopped following her blog, The Cuisinerd, on which she writes about food, tech, humor and design in a voice that makes you feel like you’re reading emails from your bff. Have a peek at her blog or watch one of her fun videos and you’ll quickly fall for her too. Here’s Los Angeles, in her own words. 

My Edible City

Kristin Guy, graphic designer and blogger on The Cuisinerd / FoodNouveau.comLos Angeles. I’ve traveled (and eaten) in a number of cities around the world and have devoured some exceptional bites, but when asked to share my favorite dish I had to root for the home team. I couldn’t pass up a much deserved and loving high five to my fair lady Los Angeles. Let’s face it; she gets a bad rap sometimes. The city is not entirely populated by overly processed blondes speaking in vocal fry. However I do admit, the people watching can be fantastically exotic and entertaining most of the time… Okay, all of the time.

There is substance here!

There are amazing dishes being conjured up in unexpected locations!

I’ve been spending a lot of time exploring Downtown and its neighboring east side boroughs over the past 7 years; it continues to grow in innovative and inspiring ways. Be it twitter fueled pop-up dinner events, special occasion multi-course meals of bank breaking magic or the belly relief of dollar tacos on late night street corners…there is something for everyone and I guarantee Los Angeles’ diversity will knock your culinary socks off.

My Favorite Dish

Blistered Okra at Bäco Mercat, Kristin's favorite dish in Los Angeles / FoodNouveau.comBlistered Okra @ Bäco Mercat. I know what you’re thinking. Los Angeles? Okra? It sounds like a stretch…I realize this. Located Downtown, Bäco Mercat’s menu is full of savory twists. I like those rare occasions when a first bite can surprise your tongue and send it dancing. These guys are full of those kinds of surprises. Sure I could sing the praises of their killer Bäcos (a hybrid bread/taco) or the seasonal rotation of sharp pickled salads, but there’s one dish I can never pass up: The Okra.

This isn’t just any Okra.

This is the jazz handed, flamenco dancing, air guitar shredding of okra.

I have knighted Chef Centeno the “Viceroy Of Vinegar”. He uses it in everything, even the house made soda pop (which is on a whole other level and worthy of its own listing of praise). This okra is packed with unexpected brightness and tang. The tomato compote delivers a quiet complexity, which plays nicely off the earthiness of the sautéed vegetable. As simple as it may seem, this small plate is the homecoming king of Awesometown and sure to peek your interest. It will be demanding you back for a second serving come dinnertime. Promise. So grab a seat on the outside patio, take in Gallery Row’s sidewalk traffic and be sure to accompany your flavor experience with their refreshingly tart Rosé Sangria.

One word: Swoon.

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Next Week on Edible Cities

Next week, Lindsey Tramuta, a writer and photographer living in Paris, is going to share her Edible City with us. Don’t miss it!

Photo Credits: All pictures by Kristin Guy.

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  1. As a So Cal native, I loved this post! I usually only visit once a year, but Kristin’s tales of okra and vinegar-loving chefs have me impatient for my next trip.

    • Have you heard of Bäco Mercat as much as I have? It’s been lauded as a best new restaurant by many publications and Kristin just confirmed they live up to the hype! If I ever get the chance to go to LA, I’ll pay them a visit for sure!

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