{Edible Cities} Capri, with Melanie Saucier, designer and design blogger

{Edible Cities} Capri, with Melanie Saucier, designer and design blogger

Meet Melanie Saucier, a designer, bilingual design blogger and photographer from Quebec City, Canada. Melanie has kept herself very busy over the last couple of years: right after giving birth to her second child, she moved from her hometown of Quebec City to Toronto where she built a new business of handmade products for the home. A few weeks ago, she learned her family would move again, this time across the border, to Sacramento, California. While it was her family’s dream to move to the Golden State, it also means her professional life is about to change drastically again, as she is forced to put her new product venture on hold for visa reasons. Her design blog will soon become a window into her big move and future creative endeavors. Here’s Capri, in her own words.

My Edible City

Melanie Saucier, designer, design blogger and photographer.Capri Island, Italy. Back in February 2011, my husband and I decided to do a trip that would combine business and pleasure to celebrate our 10-year anniversary together. We left our two sons to my Mom’s care and toured Italy, Belgium and London over a marvelous 2 weeks! We met with friends in Rome, who stayed with us for part of the trip in Italy but my husband and I were alone when we toured Capri. Because we were traveling during the low season, we were able to wander freely along the small narrow alleys of the island. It was a very quiet place to be and even though some attractions were closed and the wind was blowing hard, we loved every minute of this romantic, historic and intimate town.

My Favorite Dish

Melanie's favorite dish in Capri: Pasta con pomodoro, zucchine e fromaggioPasta. Many restaurants were closed during the low season so finding a place to eat required a little search. Hidden away, off the beaten path, we found Il Tinello, an affordable and modern 10-table restaurant. The food was clearly made just for us as we were the only customers and two of the very few tourists on the island to be honest! I had a simple fresh seafood appetizer that was delicious but they really got me with a simple penne con pomodoro and zucchini, all mixed with melted cheese. It was fresh, simple and delectable. Enjoyed along with a nice and dry Pinot Grigio, life was good. I wonder if Capri’s charm made everything better than it really was. Whatever the case may be, we are still salivating at the thought of that lunch on the romantic island.

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Photo credits: All pictures by Melanie Saucier.

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