What Is This Blog About?

Food Nouveau was established in 2001 but has gone through transformations over the years (you can read about it here). Yes, this is yet another food blog; I know I read many, and you probably do too, but I feel that my experience, my travels, my French-Canadian heritage and my love of writing all bring a special relevance to the blogosphere. Here you will read about my journeys, my discoveries, the restaurants I like (or don’t) and my cooking experiences.

Aside from all of my other projects, I have been maintaining a personal travel blog since 2005, in which I would routinely write about my eating experiences around the world. Since then, I have visited twenty countries and more than a hundred cities, all of which have influenced my cooking. I am convinced that what I bring back from all of my travels will inspire you, too, and maybe give you the urge to pack up your suitcase and go and taste your way around our small planet.

Thank you for visiting and please come back often.

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