Welcome to the new Food Nouveau!

Yes, after two years blogging in the same virtual environment, I finally decided to redesign. Spring made me want to clean up, move things where they should be, and make everything a little clearer and better. Explore, click around, and make yourself at home. I look forward to hearing what you think.

Here’s a little tour of Food Nouveau’s new home:

  • Top menu: Provides access to the site’s main sections.
  • Destinations: A drop menu which allows you to browse my posts by city or country. These categories include city guides, restaurant reviews, and recipes that are truly anchored in a particular cuisine.
  • Recipes: This menu provides easier access to the recipes, which were hard to find in my old blog layout. The drop-down menu contains links to the most popular categories (like How Tos, and All About Macarons) as well as general recipe categories which should make it easy to find culinary inspiration.
  • About: New Q&A topics!
  • Where am I going next? My past and future travel plans.
  • Press: A list of my contributions to other projects or sites, and the publications in which Food Nouveau had been mentioned. (I’ve wanted to put this one together for so long!)
  • Advertise: New venture! I’m now accepting sponsors and advertisers on Food Nouveau. Details here.

In the right-hand column, you’ll find:

  • Food Nouveau, before the redesign! Boring, no?Links to my RSS feed and, of course, the social networks you know and love.
  • A search box to quickly find what you’re looking for.
  • Clearly marked “Sponsors” areas.
  • A “Quick Links” column that provides access to more popular pages and categories, such as Edible Cities, conferences, and my favorite sites & blogs.

All in all, I hope I have succeeded in making the site feel lighter and less cluttered. If you previously linked back to a particular Food Nouveau page, those links should still be active since the structure of the site hasn’t changed. (If you stumble upon a broken link, please do let me know!)

In case you’re wondering which platform and theme I’m using: I’m still on WordPress.org, but this time I’ve created my own theme. I spent a lot of time looking for a theme that would be a perfect fit for my blog, but something was always bugging me (requiring hours of custom coding to modify it). I ended up figuring it would be easier and much more satisfying to just build my new site from scratch and I’m really proud of it. Being a graphic designer, I’m used to creating websites, but working for myself is always hard (I’m a tough client to please!).

So now, I’ll let you explore. I hope you like my new digs, it sure feels a lot like home to me.

What do you think of this recipe? Got any questions? Let's chat!

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    • Thanks Casey! It really was a lot of work, and the publication of the new site gave me quite a headache… Nothing ever goes exactly according to plan, right? Nevertheless, I’m really happy with the result (and I’m happy it’s finally done! :)

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