Over the last few months, I’ve started receiving unsolicited advertising requests, which has made me think perhaps I should consider managing my own ads on Food Nouveau. I’m working so hard to make this blog a fun, educational, interesting, and delicious place to visit,—I can only feel flattered that some companies feel I could be a good match to their brands.

I decided to start accepting sponsors and advertisers on Food Nouveau.  Please be aware that I will choose advertisers I feel would be a good fit for my blog. The products or services advertised need to complement my blog and vice versa. I think this will simply create a more profitable relationship and will increase the chances to find new, loyal customers among my readers.

What are good matches to Food Nouveau? Just about anything related to food and travel. Kitchen accessories and appliances, stylish home goods, travel services, and foodie tours are just a few of the categories that come to mind, but of course I’m sure there are many additional areas to explore.

About formats: I’m currently hosting banners (150 x 150, 300 x 250 or skyscraper—160 x 600) and text links (to be displayed in the sidebar). Please note that at this time, I am NOT selling in-post text links, sponsored posts, or paid product reviews.

About giveaways: I love giveaways, and my readers do too. If you’d like me to give one of your products away on my blog, tell me more about it, and we’ll discuss this to see how the giveaway could be organized in a fun and profitable way for everyone.

If you have any questions about advertising on Food Nouveau, or if you want to receive my press kit and ad rates, please e-mail me at advertising@foodnouveau.com. I look forward to hearing from you!






















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