Shopping Gourmand: Whimsical

Writing this post from Paris, I’m surrounded by city’s beauty and everything it has to offer. It’s easy to be inspired by the beautiful decorations, Christmas markets and special displays put together by most shops around Paris’ magical neighborhoods. Because I have dreamt to come to Paris since I was a child, and because every time I come back, it makes me all warm inside and feel like a little girl again, this week’s theme for shopping gourmand is Whimsical.

Whimsical objects have this special quality to make everybody smile. Dot some of these special creations all around you and there may never be a gray day again.

Note: I am not making a dime presenting you these finds. I just think great indie shops and artisans deserve to be talked about. And I love to get an excuse to shop!


1:: Happy Helper Wine Bottle Stopper
Price: US$ 15 each
Seller: The Small Object, Atlanta
From one of my very favorite artisan bloggers, The Small Object, these bottle stoppers are the perfect stocking stuffer.

Happy Helper Wine Bottle Stopper (by The Small Object)

2:: Foodie Stamp Set
Price: US$ 17.50 (set of 6)
Seller: Karaku, Tokyo, Japan
A set of Japanese mini stamps to personalize your preserve labels.

Foodie Stamp Set (by Karaku)

3:: Bacon Greeting Card
Price: US$ 4
Seller: Gold Teeth Brooklyn, Brooklyn
Because everything is better with bacon (or fried eggs), including greeting cards.

Bacon Greeting Card (by Gold Teeth Brooklyn)

4:: Set of 9 Letterpress Coasters
Price: US$ 15
Seller: 1 Canoe 2, Missouri
A beautiful set of coasters featuring “things that are round”, including a pie, an apple, a donut and more. Comes in a cute gift bag.

Set of 9 Letterpress Coasters (by 1 Canoe 2)

5:: 6oz Stainless Steel Flask with Mustache
Price: US$ 18
Seller: Whimsy and Ink, Southern California
The perfect gift for any guy. Also offered with many other cool patterns like a vintage cassette tape, photo camera or a wood texture.

6oz Stainless Steel Flask with Mustache (by Whimsy and Ink)

6:: Multicolor Medium Wobbly Bowls
Price: US$ 22.50
Seller: Atelier BB, Brooklyn
My dream would be to own at least a dozen of these bright bowls to serve tapas or soup in style. Each bowl is unique and irregular (hence the wobbly name). The inside of the bowls is texture with different lace patterns. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Multicolor Medium Wobbly Bowls (by Atelier BB)

7:: Decorative Knitted Teapot
Price: US$ 50
Seller: Sweet Paul, New York
Knitted. Teapot. By Sweet Paul. Enough said :)

Decorative Knitted Teapot (by Sweet Paul)

8:: Live Love Eat Print Reproductions
Price: US$ 15 each (small – 4.7″ x 4.7″)
Seller: Anek, Croatia
Is it the food speaking? This series of 4 prints with different colors will add punch to your kitchen. Also available in medium size (6.3″ x 6.3″).

Live Love Eat Print Reproductions (by Anek)

9:: Unique Handglazed Tumblers
Price: US$ 35 each
Seller: Happy Clay
These unique handpainted, handglazed tumblers will instantly make you want to start a collection. Accented in 24k gold. Dishwasher safe.

Collectible Handpainted, Handglazed Tumblers

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