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I have been quiet last week because I was visiting my good friend Melanie in Toronto. Together we went to the One-of-a-Kind Christmas Show & Sale and I was impressed! So many talented artisans, so many gift ideas, so many new things on my wish list! I have gathered dozens of business cards but unfortunately, after visiting all of the websites listed on the cards, I found out that most did not feature an online store (or featured an empty store), which is a real shame because I have no other way to spread the word! Many artisans left messages saying they would fill up their stores after Toronto’s show, so I have great hope that I will be able to share my finding with you in the near future.

In the meantime, let’s talk about paper. As a graphic designer, I have a natural obsession with everything paper. I’m one of those who fear the day when books (the paper kind, not electronic ones) go out of fashion. I carry a notebook everywhere instead of using an app on my iPhone to keep reminders. My task lists are jotted down on paper before I transcribe them into my computer’s task management software. And I can’t help but buy beautiful paper, even though I never have time to do anything with it. This week’s Shopping Gourmand is my ode to beautiful paper creations for the kitchen.

Note: I am not making a dime presenting you these finds. I just think great indie shops and artisans deserve to be talked about. And I love to get an excuse to shop!


Details about each item featured in the collage can be found by clicking through to the post.

Shopping Gourmand, Dec. 6th 2010: Paper

1:: Spooning Poster
Price: $US 29
Seller: Petek Design, Israel
A must for any foodie’s bedroom. Available in two sizes, in blue or yellow.

Spooning Poster (by Petek Design)

2:: Decorative Sticky Notes
Price: $US 4 each
Seller: Michelle Brusegaard, North Dakota
If you’re like me, your cookbooks are probably full of sticky notes where you scribbled your thoughts and ideas while you cooked. If you’re going to use them, why not choose beautiful decorative ones? More patterns available in Michelle’s store.

Decorative Sticky Notes (by Michelle Brusegaard)

3:: “When Life Hands You Lemons” Poster
Price: $US 29
Seller: Dear Colleen, New Zealand
My favorite! Sure way to brighten your day.

"When Life Hands You Lemons" Poster (By Dear Colleen)

4:: White Cupcake Paper Cups (Pack of 24)
Price: $US 5.50
Seller: Sweet Paul, New York
Sweetly simple cupcake paper cups by Sweet Paul.

White Cupcake Paper Cups (Pack of 24) (by Sweet Paul)

5:: Illustrated Foodie Letterpress Cards
Price: $US 4 each
Seller: Letterform, Chicago
These cards feature punned wishes illustrated with food. “Thank you for all your lard work”. Irresistible!

Illustrated Foodie Letterpress Cards (by Letterform)

6:: Food with Personality Prints
Price: From $US 10 to $US 20
Seller: Wonder Thunder, Seattle
These prints give you 50% whimsy, 50% attitude. The Corn Cowboy makes me laugh everytime I look at it.

Food with Personality Prints (by Wonder Thunder)

7:: 2011 Erin Ink Recipe Calendar
Price: $US 10
Seller: Erin Ink, Virginia
The designer who created this calendar is obsessed by cooking and vintage Pyrex. She thought of combining the two in a calendar that features a recipe per month. Her illustrations are contemporary but the reproduction of Pyrex dish patterns adds a touch of vintage. Size: 6″ x 9″.

2011 Erin Ink Recipe Calendar

8:: Set of 20 Letterpress Recipe Cards
Price: $20
Seller: Penelope’s Press, Chicago
These beautiful cards are printed on thick bright white cotton stock and packaged with a cute red bakers twine. The gift tag says “From my kitchen to yours!” – so why not fill them up with your favorite recipes before giving them to a friend who loves to cook? The only thing that’s missing is a beautiful wooden box to store the cards.

Set of 20 Letterpress Recipe Cards (by Penelope's Press)

9:: Meal Planning Gift Set
Price: $US 22
Seller: The Small Object, Atlanta
I am a long time fan of The Small Object’s blog and creations. This beautiful gift set will help any budding cook get organized. As a bonus, an embossed pencil provides a pep talk if you’re feeling down: “Meal time is a good time. You are an excellent cook.” I have been using an agenda to take note of my meals and restaurant visits, but I’m seriously considering switching to this system. It’s that cute!

Meal Planning Gift Set (by The Small Object)

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my calendar! I just happened across this post while searching Google…what a nice surprise! I see a few items in your post that I have to add to my own wish list now! Thanks!


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