New Feature! Shopping Gourmand

Today I’m introducing a new feature: Shopping Gourmand!

Etsy is a site that needs no introduction. While it contains wonderful finds, they often get drowned amongst dozens (hundreds! thousands!) of other items that are, let’s be honest, much less interesting. If you don’t have time to browse through the site but would still like to discover new gadgets, handcrafted creations or one-in-a-million objects, Shopping Gourmand is for you.

Published twice a month, each post will feature 9 interesting finds that fit into a chosen theme. While my first finds all come from Etsy, I will introduce talented designers and artists from around the world that sell their creations on other sites as well. Right on time for the Holidays, I hope Shopping Gourmand will help you find original, inspiring and affordable gifts.

Note: I am not making a dime presenting you these finds. I just think great indie shops and artisans deserve to be talked about. And I love to get an excuse to shop!


In my kitchen, I have a few cherished items that once belonged to my grandparents or great aunts and uncles. Amongst my contemporary all-white tableware, I love having some pieces that show a life well beyond my years, they add such warmth and character to a table. If you don’t have hand-me-downs in your kitchen, the following finds may be a great addition.

Details about each item featured in the collage can be found by clicking through to the post.

Shopping Gourmand, Nov. 22nd 2010: Vintage

1:: Mid-Century ASAHI of Japan Orange Enamelware Pitcher
Price: US$ 38
Seller: Atty’s Vintage, Minneapolis
The splash of color your table needs.

Midcentury ASAHI Japan Orange Enamelware Pitcher by AttysVintage

2::  Set of Three Tala Scalloped Pastry Cutters – Made in England
Price: US$ 6
Seller: kpdreams, Ohio
I often associate pastry making with family traditions, probably because I can still remember my grandmother’s baking and I still use her rolling pin. I can just imagine myself making scones with these charming vintage cutters.

Set of Three Tala Scalloped Pastry Cutters

3:: Set of Eight Vintage Cream Plates
Price: US$ 32
Seller: kizzyrayan123, New York
An elegant way to serve tea and desserts.

Set of Eight Vintage Creme Plates

4:: Vintage Wrought Iron Trivet
Price: US$ 15
Seller: kimbates79, Oregon
A true stunner that would look equally good on the table or displayed as wall art.

Vintage Wrought Iron Trivet

5::  Set of Three Vintage Egg Cups
Price: US$ 15
Seller: pompombazar, Italy
I can’t resist egg cups and these are just too cute.

Three Vintage Egg Cups

6:: Set of Vintage Silverware, 59 Mixed Pieces in a Box
Price: US$ 98
Seller: Practical Fun Things, Tennessee
Miss-matched silverware is one of my favorite things, I always have a hard time to resist buying separate pieces at the flea market. This is a stunning set that will spark conversations. Almost every piece is from Rogers & Co, a New England silverware company founded in the 19th century.

59 Pieces of Vintage Silverware - Mixed Set in Box

7:: Vintage Two-Tiered Royal Coulton Stand in Tiffany Blue
Price: US$ 110
Seller: High Tea for Alice, California
I fell in love with this whimsical shop that sells one of a kind cake and tea stands. Presenting cupcakes or macarons on this two-tiered stand would be irresistible.

Vintage Two-Tiered Royal Coulton Stand in Tiffany Blue

8:: Set of 3 Small Milk Glass Plates with Lace Edges
Price: US$ 24
Seller: Atty’s Vintage, Minneapolis
Beautiful serving plates perfect for tapas, bites or desserts. The shop also sells a matching serving bowl.

Vintage Set of Three Small Milk Glass Plates with Lace Edges

9:: 1954 Cookbook “101 Salads for the Gourmet” by Gillian Sandlands
Price: US$ 8
Seller: Oddity and Whimsy, USA
A small cookbook with an amazingly modern illustrative style that could have very well been the inspiration behind Ikea’s cookbook photography.

1954 Cookbook: 101 Salads for the Gourmet

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