Macarons, 3 Ways: Chocolate, Pistachio, Pecan and Maple

EDIT, JANUARY 2016: I was high time I updated the photos that previously accompanied this post!

To make the most of each new picture and to make it easier to access the recipe you want, I split the post in three. Refer to the links below to view the recipe you’re looking for.

Dark Chocolate Ganache Macarons // FoodNouveau.com  Pistachio Macarons // FoodNouveau.com  Maple and Pecan French Macarons // FoodNouveau.com

  1. Dark Chocolate Ganache Macarons
  2. Pistachio Macarons
  3. Maple and Pecan Macarons

Making macarons for the first time? Take a look at my All About Macarons page for detailed how-to instructions, troubleshooting tips, videos, and printable templates. 

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38 Responses to Macarons, 3 Ways: Chocolate, Pistachio, Pecan and Maple

  1. Hi,
    I am planning to make macaroons for my friend's wedding and I am going to do a try out of recipes before and also think ahead on the colours, flavours, etc. My question is, how many macaroons per person you think we should plan, do you know where I can find your size macaroons mat, which you used in your video and the best way to store them and for how long before? Any sugestions will be welcome. Thank you.

    • Hello Jojo, making macarons for your friend’s wedding is a great idea and very generous of you! I’m assuming that the macarons won’t be the only dessert offered (there will certainly be cake, no?) so I would plan for 3 macarons per person. Some will eat more, others less but you should be alright with 3 per person overall. Depending on how many guests will be present, you should make 3 to 5 flavor combinations so people can try different things. About the mat: do you mean the template? If yes, you can print your own, the links to the template I’m using is on this page: All About Macarons. As for storing, macarons can be frozen, assembled with the buttercream filling, store in an airtight container (if using a deeper container, separate macaron layer with wax or parchment paper to make sure they won’t break rubbing against each other). They keep surprisingly well in the freezer, I have kept them up to a month without problem. I have read that they can keep for up to 3 months, but I wouldn’t go that far – you don’t want frost bites on your macs, especially if you don’t have a chest freezer to store them in. Aim for preparing them 1.5 to 1 month in advance and you’ll be just fine. Take them out of the freezer last minute – they need just 20-30 minutes at room temperature to defrost! The closer to serving them you defrost them, the fresher they will taste. Good luck!

  2. Thank you for the chocolate macarons recipe. They came out perfect. It's the second time that I am making macarons. The first time I used the simple almond one and they also came out really good. I only want to ask if it is ok to freeze them without the filling as I intend doing that a day before serving them. Thank you so much!!!!!!!1

  3. hi marie 
    thank you so much for your faithful recipes .
    i wanted to ask about the egg yolk can i save them inside the freezer like the egg white????
    what can i do with them regarding cream brulle

    • It’s preferable to use a scale to make macarons because they are very sensitive even to the slightest change in the ratio of ingredients.

  4. Hello . I tried the chocolate macarons . it tastes great . just that it looks like cookies and i cant get the macaron's shape . there's no cracking or anything . pls help ? =(

  5. Thank you for your really helpful post.  I am new(ish) to baking and decided to try the macaroon after seeing a VERY MISLEADING recipe that only had 4 steps.  I felt like such an idiot after trying it and failing miserably.  I looked online and found you.  Now I realize the work involved and am determined to succeed (at some point).  I ended up with 90% of them being broken and "dome" like, but try try again.

    • Don’t give up! I’m convinced you’ll get them right. Macarons are definitely not easy to make! Patience and meticulousness are the macaron’s best friends. :)

  6. Thanks a lot for this useful method to make macarons,i’ve tried so many times to make macarons before this,but i failed,some are crack on the top and some are browning. I do have an electric oven with top fire and bottom fire function,i just want to ask you,to bake this type of cookies,do we need to use top fire or bottom fire? Or both ( top and bottom fire)?

  7. Chocolate ones came out perfect! I’ve had many failed attempts at the italian version, and this one is definitely easier

    I had to let them grow skin as the first tray cracked because I didn’t wait long enough. I found I didnt need colouring either because the cocoa made it dark brown already.

    • I’m happy it worked out for you! Sometimes macarons crack because the oven temperature is too high. Lower it a little bit next time, it’ll help – but make sure you leave them in the oven long enough to cook through.

  8. I made the macaroons and they turned out really good compared to some other recipes I tried. The macaroons were a little too sweet to my liking. I was wondering how I can make the macaroons not so sweet yet still have a similar texture. Can I change the proportion of almond meal to powdered sugar? If so, what kind of exchange ratio would I be using (e.g. for every 1 g powdered sugar removed add 1 g almond meal)? Thanks for the awesome recipe and the instructions.

    • I wouldn’t change the recipe for the shells (it’s a delicate ratio to achieve the right meringue consistency), but you can play around with the filling. Use a filling that’s less sweet to balance out the meringue.

  9. oohh…i wish i could come across this site before venturing on an attempt to make macarons.. i tried to make it yesterday and the result is: TOTAL DISASTER!
    I didnt know at what consistency should be enough for the batter, so i guess i underbeat the egg whites. It turn out to be very runny (than compared to your illustrated step-by-step instruction)and when they were piped out, the circle joined each other..and they never formed an outer skin eventhough i left them stand for about 1 hr..
    gonna try again soon…
    really…this little angel is quite tough to make. No wonder they’ve been nicknamed “the world most difficult cookie to make”..;p

    • Yes, I don’t think they would be so popular if they were easy to make :) Don’t give up, you’ll get them right! Have a look at my troubleshooting post for even more tips and advice that will help you succeed.

    • Yes! Always. Separate your eggs two to three days in advance and put them in an airtight container in the fridge until you’re ready to make the macarons.

  10. Haloo!! thank you for posting this recipe! you make my life easier! i have tried make macaroon with other recipe but it did not turn out as what i expected, and i cant wait to try your recipe! but i wonder how did you make the filling for the lemon macaroon. it looks really yum!! thanks before! and keep it up! :D

  11. THANK YOU for the step by step.. I have made the macarons three times.. Each time they do brown on the tops a bit and I was wondering if you place the cookie sheet in the middle of the oven? Also, mine seem to flatten out more then the picture of yours…they get nice feet though. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I LOVE your site..your details are meticulous. Thanks

    • Hello Anne, if your shells brown, it means that your oven temperature is too high. Lower the temperature, you can go even lower than 300°F to make sure the shells won’t brown. Just make sure you cook them longer so that they’re dry and set when you take them out of the oven. I do place my cookie sheets in the middle of the oven. It’s ok if your shells rise less than mine, in fact, I think mine tend to rise too much! “Proper macarons” (according to the French standards) must rise slightly but not be all puffed up. They must remain fairly flat, not become little domes!

  12. I just read the step bu step macaron post and then looked at these pictures and i have to say, i feel like i can do it. Thanks for putting this very delicious thought in my head :) these look absolutely gorgeous. the pecan ones especially, have stolen my heart i think…

    • Did you end up trying to make your own? If you did, you have to report back, if something when wrong, don’t hesitate to ask for feedback!
      The pecan and maple macarons are my all-time favorites and everyone who tasted them are in love. You have to try and make your own!

  13. My husband and I are working on mastering the macaron. You have done a phenomenal job, not only with your macarons but with your blog as well. I will be using your tips as I continue my quest for the perfect macaron.

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I really like making macarons and I've made hundreds of these delicate cookies before managing to master them. I'm now looking to try new flavors and fillings – as well as other techniques to test that would be the difference in texture and flavor. I hope my how-to will help you succeed in making your own.

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