{Photo Friday} Chichetti at the Cantina Do Spade, Venice

I have decided to change things up a little on Fridays: because I don’t get to write about each and every place I visit on a trip, I thought it would be great to post pictures from past travels every week. The goal of “Photo Fridays” will be to share a glimpse of a place I loved. It may be food, a person, a place, an event – one thing’s for sure, every week will be a surprise that will, I hope, inspire you and get you in a good, relaxed mindset for the weekend.

Chichetti at the Cantina Do Spade, Venice / FoodNouveau.com

This is the cicchetti (pronounced chi-KET-tee) display at the Cantina Do Spade, in Venice. “Cicchetti” are the Venetian tapas, inexpensive snacks served all day in bars around the city. They’re made with the day’s market finds, so they’re fresh and seasonal and the selection changes all the time, so you can never get bored with them. The Venetian usually have them in the late morning, for lunch or as an afternoon snack, with a glass of Prosecco, of course.

We frequently stopped at bàcari (that’s how cicchetti bars are called) around Venice, as they’re great to refuel after walking for hours. Most restaurants in the city cater to tourists, but bàcari are where a slice of the “real Venice” can still be found: most places we visited were located in small side alleys and they were filled with lively Italians debating the meaning of life over a glass of wine. Sometimes, cicchetti bars don’t even have tables, so people simply stand on the street, where they and eat and drink and chat casually.

La Cantina Do Spade was one of our favorites. Located in the San Polo neighborhood, hidden in a narrow alley mostly ignored by those on the way to the Rialto Market, the Cantina serves a delicious variety of cicchetti (including the best fried calamari I’ve ever had), but also amazing risotto and tiramisu. Definitely worth hunting for.

Cantina Do Spade
Calle Do Spade 19, San Polo 30125 Venezia, Italy [Map]

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    • I completely agree, I love that concept! In fact, I love all cuisines that produce small bites, be it tapas, chichetti, mezze, dim sums or antipasti! I’d gladly eat small plates at every meal.

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