{Happy Fridays} Free – and gorgeous! – wallpapers, fearless eating, Jamie Oliver in Montreal, and more!

{Happy Fridays} Free - and gorgeous! - wallpapers, fearless eating, Jamie Oliver in Montreal, and more!

What’s New

  • I can’t remember a summer where the weather has been so constantly good in Quebec City. It was hot and sunny for the whole duration of Quebec’s music festival, except for a big thunderstorm on the last night. This has pretty much never happened before! And it just keeps on going with another gorgeous weekend coming up. This makes itch to go out all the time – so I try to make the most of it by taking my office outside, working on the patio in the sun. Not so good for screen visibility but so, so good for the soul!
  • Speaking of summer, have you ever seen a picture that encapsulates the warm carefree feeling of vacations as perfectly as the one at the top of this post? I haven’t snapped it myself (I wish!), a photographer friend of mine, Melanie Saucier, did and you can download it for free! Melanie gives away such gorgeous pictures to download as free computer/iPad/iPhone/iPod wallpapers every Friday. Follow her blog and your desktop won’t ever be boring again!

Worth Talking About

  • Fearless travel: Are you game to try out new, challenging foods when you travel? Mark, the author of travel blog Migrationology, certainly is and he shares his advice to ditch your comfort zone, eat local and become the ultimate culinary traveler. I abide by all his tips – although I’m not ready to eat intestines yet!
  • Do you know how to eat sushi? Before going to Japan, I mixed wasabi with soy sauce and ate maki rolls with chopsticks. I soon discovered that the Japanese are just as particular with the way they eat sushi as they are with everything else. Find out, once and for all, how to eat sushi like a Japanese would.
  • Another celebrity chef comes to Montreal: After Gordon Ramsey and Daniel Boulud, it’s Jamie Oliver’s turn to open a new restaurant in Montreal. To be fair, he’s an investor, but the chef, Derek Dammann, is a close pal who worked as chef de cuisine at Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant in London. The new place, called Maison Publique (litt. “public house”), will serve “Brit-centric gastropub” food. Oliver is scheduled to attend the big opening this fall. Let’s bet there will be a camera or two to capture the moment.
  • Burger overload: I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it with burger excess. From the most expensive burger ever to the 100% bacon burger, these sandwiches are created solely as marketing devices and I’m tired of the gimmick. Wrapping burgers in $100 bills, seriously?
  • What to do with too much zucchini: It’s that time of the year again. Zucchini-overload season. This post listing the Top 10 Things to Do with Too Much Zucchini made me laugh out loud.

Just Added to My “To-Make” List

Mapo Tofu / Bon AppétitEsquites (Mexican Street Corn Salad) / Serious EatsLemon Blackberry Sticky Buns / Feasts for All Seasons

  • Mapo Tofu: A rich, satisfying dish combining fall-apart pork shoulder with tofu in a chile-laced sauce. Looks so absolutely amazing that it almost makes me long for cooler days just so I can make it without turning the kitchen into a sauna.
  • Summertime Mac’n’cheese recipe: A clever, lighter version of the classic, perfect for warm summer nights.
  • Esquites (Mexican Street Corn Salad): I actually made that recipe the very night I discovered it. It’s addictive and I’ll make it again and again (it’s amazing in homemade tacos!)
  • Bacon Corn Hash: One summer veggie I never get bored with is corn. I love the idea of having it for breakfast. With bacon. Of course!
  • Lemon Blackberry Sticky Buns: Yay for a sticky buns recipe without cinnamon! Want. NOW.


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    • I think you have to add that bacon burger to your to-taste list – not as challenging as some of the other things you had before, but it’s certainly a novelty!

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