{Happy Fridays} Food crawling in Quebec City, conferencing in New York City, traveling on a (very) small budget, and more!

« Happy Fridays » is a new weekly column in which I share my latest news, favorite recipes, as well as anything and everything exciting.

What’s New

  • I attended my very first food crawl! Are you familiar with food crawls? I wasn’t until this week. If you have ever attended a pub crawl, then you already understand the concept underlying the food crawl—the same premise applies, but with food replacing beer. The food community is quickly growing in Quebec City, and many great food-centric activities are coming our way this spring, with the food crawl kicking things off. In one night, we visited four of Quebec’s trendiest restaurants to enjoy a delicious five-course menu with 60 other gourmands. I loved the fact that E and I essentially didn’t know anyone when we arrived, but we left with many new acquaintances, most of whom are already friends of friends (as Sylvie told us over dinner, there may only be two degrees of separation in Quebec City.) Congratulations to Francis who thought up the idea and carried it through with great success. This was truly a great start to lots more culinary fun to be found in my hometown this year!
  • I’m heading to the IACP Annual Conference! I’m flying to New York City on Thursday to attend my second International Association of Culinary Professionals Annual Conference. Last year’s conference in Austin, Texas blew me away, and I’m looking forward to meeting up with old and new friends alike. The variety of sessions I’ll attend is nothing short of amazing—from blogging and food writing to cooking classes, by way of keynote sessions by Adam Rapoport of Bon Appétit, Marcus Samuelsson, Ruth Reichl, Grant Achatz and many other culinary stars—imagine that! No other conference gives me such a jolt of excitement and the opportunity to meet so many of my favorite people face-to-face. I’ll make sure to report back on what I learned there!

Over on Just Recipes

Just Recipes is a no-frills recipe blog on which I share the food I make at home. All recipes are delicious and easy (I won’t make you spend hours in the kitchen, I swear!) Here are this week’s new recipes:

Crisp Salmon with Avocado SaladMarzipan Brownies

  • Crisp Salmon with Avocado Salad: A fresh salad with a citrusy dressing pairs wonderfully well with the creamy avocado and rich salmon fillet.
  • Marzipan Brownies: Because I get ever eat too many brownies. These look (and taste!) like elevated Nanaimo bars.

Just Added to My “To-Make” List

  • Old fashioned recipes usually appeal to me and Ruth Reichl recently wrote about a dessert that sounds like something I wish I’d made with my Grandma: Old Fashioned Lemon Pudding Cake. I can’t wait to try it.
  • Speaking of lemons, my friend Lindsey published the recipe to the most amazing dairy-free ice cream I ever had: Dairy-Free Meyer Lemon Curd Ice Cream. It’s made with coconut milk. And it’s amazing.
  • I love soups and especially creams that don’t need actual added cream to be luscious. Nikki posted her Carrot Fennel Soup with Parsley Walnut Pesto – the carrot-fennel combination sounds great, but the spoonful of pesto really does it for me. All the ingredients are in my fridge and I’m making it this weekend.

Worth Talking About

  • March 20th was Le Jour du Macaron (Macaron Day). I made some at home (green tea with chocolate-hazelnut ganache), while others were lucky enough to enjoy Pierre Hermé’s.
  • Gadling is a blog about travel that I like to follow and they recently started a very interesting series of articles named “Travel Smarter 2012”. Lots of helpful advice in there – I especially enjoyed tech-related articles like How cloud services are changing the way we travel and Use your mobile apps better.
  • Traveling full-time for $17,000 a year sounds impossible? It does to me. But a woman has been doing it for the last five years. Read how she does it and start packing.
  • Because one cannot visit Italy without planning to eat lots (and lots!) of gelato, make sure to bookmark this guide for the next time you visit Florence.

Have a great and delicious weekend!

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  1. Your marzipan brownies look delicious along with the lemon pudding cake and ice cream! I'm definitely interested in traveling on less, $17,000 a year? Sign me up! Thanks for including the carrout soup as well. See you tomorrow!

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