{Happy Fridays} Eating at Joe Beef (finally!), looking for Danish inspiration, dreaming of organizing, and more!

« Happy Fridays » is a weekly column in which I share my latest news, favorite recipes, as well as anything and everything exciting.

{Happy Fridays} Eating at Joe Beef (finally!), looking for Danish inspiration, dreaming of organizing, and more!

What’s New

  • Three sunny days in Montreal! My short stay in Quebec’s biggest city was great: I had plenty of time to get out in the sun, wander in Old Montreal, taste delicious things in the city’s best markets and eat great food. I finally experienced the phenomenon that is Joe Beef – and I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed. More about that soon.
  • Have you ever been to Copenhagen? I haven’t, but I’m currently planning our trip to Denmark at the end of May. Have tips you’d like to share? Know of Danish delicacies I shouldn’t miss? Have restaurants to recommend? (Please don’t say Noma, unless you know how I could score one of those elusive bookings!) Send me a line, I really want to get to know that fantastic destination before we get there.
  • Today is my Mom’s birthday! To celebrate, we’re taking her to one of Quebec’s finest restaurants, L’Initiale, a member of the prestigious Relais & Château association. I’ve never been before so I feel like today’s the perfect opportunity to discover Chef Yvan Lebrun’s creations.

Worth Talking About

  • I have a thing for organizing stuff. But I’m a terribly messy person (right now my desk is so full of stuff that I can no longer move my computer mouse freely). I dream of having a perfectly organized kitchen. One day I’ll splurge on those little aluminum spice tins and practical clear plastic containers and transform my whole pantry. I promise I will.
  • The weather’s still pretty cool over here in Quebec City, but we’ve had warmer days that had me dreaming of this summer’s picnics. I feel like I may give these DIY picnic baskets a try – they’re pretty and seem like a fun project to make on rainy days!
  • Would you go dishwasher-less? I don’t think I would, even if my kitchen was the tiniest. But many people do, such as Saveur’s editor-in-chief, James Oseland. You’d think he’d have the fanciest kitchen but actually he doesn’t. “Some of the greatest cooking I’ve witnessed — some of the greatest food I’ve eaten — came out of humble, small kitchens”. Take a tour of his small New York City kitchen.

Just Added to My “To-Make” List

  • Smørrebrød is one Danish specialty I know I will enjoy when I’m in Copenhagen, but I may very well make this Danish-inspired Spring Egg Salad way before I take off for Scandinavia.
  • Pesto is probably my favorite sauce (and/or spread) and I’ve taken a liking to making all sorts of variations with many different kinds of ingredients (it always seems to turn out delicious!). This Arugula Pistachio Pesto is my latest obsession.
  • Speaking of sauces, here’s a list of 11 sauces you should try. Cashews are E’s favorite nut, so I can’t wait to make the Cashew ‘Nut Sauce’.
  • I love chocolate and I love DIY projects. Somehow, I had never thought of making my own chocolate candies, but this walkthrough sure planted a seed.

Have a great and delicious weekend!


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