{Happy Fridays} Dining outside (finally!), a short trip to Montreal, hunting for grilled cheese inspiration, and more!

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{Happy Fridays} Dining outside (finally!), a short trip to Montreal, hunting for grilled cheese inspiration, and more!

What’s New

  • And we have a winner! First things first: the winner of a signed copy of Chef Kathryn Gordon’s “Les Petits Macarons” is: Rochelle Ryan! **Edit** I’m sorry Rochelle, but you never replied to my emails and I even tried to reach you through Facebook. I had to pick another winner!
    The new winner is: Casey, from Good Food Stories! Congratulations! I just emailed you to tell you the good news. Please reply with your mailing address so I can send you the beautiful book you just won!
    Casey is the winner of the Les Petits Macarons book giveaway!
  • Spring is coming, for real! The proof is that I had my very first dinner outside yesterday! Yes, I did have to eat at 5PM before the sun came down, and it was just a burger and fries at a nearby café, but believe me, being able to {finally!} enjoy a full meal outside does wonders for the soul. Today I’m sweeping our terrace and taking chairs out so we can enjoy our Friday night cocktail in the sun. I smell barbecue!
  • I’m heading to Montreal: Montreal is just a 2½ hour drive from Quebec City, but I don’t get many opportunities to go there for a couple of days and explore like I would in any other city of the world. We usually go to visit friends and family, so it’s an in-and-out-of-the-city stint which inevitably ends up with traffic frustration (driving in Montreal is the worst!). Next week, E has to stay in Montreal for three days, so I’m tagging along and I’ll try to get to know the city a little better and I’m reading Mayssam, Christelle, Chantelle and Isabelle for inspiration.

Over on Just Recipes

Just Recipes is a no-frills recipe blog on which I share the food I make at home. All recipes are delicious and easy (I won’t make you spend hours in the kitchen, I swear!) Here are this week’s new recipes:

Brussels Sprouts, Radicchio and Chorizo Sautéed SaladThai Chicken Salad with Sesame Noodles

Just Added to My “To-Make” List

Worth Talking About

  • It’s National Grilled Cheese Month, apparently! My RSS reader is overflowing with oozing sandwiches, making me obsessed with the idea of creating the best grilled cheese I ever made. I’ve been gathering inspiration left and right but have yet to decide what will be in there – I have until the end of the month, after all. What was in the best one you ever had?
  • Food writing was a hot topic this week as Amanda Hesser painted a rather grim (but clear-eyed) portrait of the industry, and Trish Deseine replied with a biting post in which she defends new platforms and the opportunities they provide. Hesser and Deseine are two of my favorite writers, so reading both of their points of view on the matter was a good kick in the butt, or rather, a boost of inspiration. Making a career out of food writing isn’t easy – but was it ever really? I feel ready to keep on pursuing my dream.
  • In case you haven’t been to Italy yet and you can’t figure out which region you should visit first, here’s a post that will guide you to the most delicious areas of the country: Eat Your Way Through Italy: 4 Stops on an Italian Foodie Tour (via Afar Magazine).

Have a great and delicious weekend!

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One Response to {Happy Fridays} Dining outside (finally!), a short trip to Montreal, hunting for grilled cheese inspiration, and more!

  1. Effectivement tu ne viens pas assez souvent, ni assez longtemps. Tu as l'air d'avoir excessivement bien profité de ta première journée! J'ai hâte que tu m'en reparles. Bisou et merci pour la mention! :-)

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