{Happy Fridays} Delicious discoveries in Sicily, fragrant Asian flavors, an obsession with Parisian pastries, and more!

“Happy Fridays” is a new weekly column in which I share my latest news, favorite recipes, as well as anything and everything exciting.

Artichokes at the market in Catania, Sicily

What’s New

  • I had a delicious time in Sicily: My trip to Catania has come and gone in the blink of an eye. The six very busy days I spent in Sicily fulfilled all my expectations and then some. I have already posted about a delicious five-course meal we had at a culinary and hospitality school and the recipe to make Sicilian Caponata at home. More to come next week: Antipasti, pasta, sweets, markets… oh my! Stay tuned for more Italian deliciousness.
  • …But the trip didn’t start so well: I will forever remember the day I left for Sicily as my worst travel day ever. Everything went wrong. Flights were delayed. I had to frantically run through airports to make my connections. I lost my iPhone at a security checkpoint in Paris and almost had a fight with a flight attendant who refused to let me off the plane to go get my phone (admittedly I went a little crazy there, which clearly showed my smartphone addiction!). I was taken off the last flight to Catania, my passport was confiscated and I was “detained” for 15 minutes in a small office at the back of an airport terminal in Rome – all because of an Alitalia system error. I arrived at my final destination over five hours later than planned. Oh, and of course, my baggage was lost. All of this reduced me to tears and almost made me regret going to Italy, but as I said above, the trip was so fantastic that it quickly made me forget those awful misadventures (oh, the power a cannolo can have!). And (lucky me!) the kind people at Aéroports de Paris (that’s Paris Airports to you and me) found my phone and I’ll get it back next week. I think that day happened to make me appreciate the luck I’ve had so far in my travels. You don’t always realize the fortune you have when everything’s too easy!
  • Edible Cities: My Edible Cities project is going amazingly well and 12 fantastic bloggers and authors are already lined up for the new column. Starting March 18th, some of my favorite bloggers, authors and chefs will tell us about their favorite city and share a dish that left an everlasting memory. My goal is to allow everyone to discover new places and new dishes through the eyes of people they love. Know a blogger, an author or a chef that could be interested too? Send me a line and I’ll give you all the details!

Over on Just Recipes

Did you ever visit Food Nouveau’s sister site, Just Recipes? It’s a no-frills recipe blog on which I share the food I make at home. All recipes are delicious and easy (I won’t make you spend hours in the kitchen, I swear!) This week was all about fragrant Asian flavors:

Cauliflower and Cashew Curry: The perfect quick, spicy and satisfying weeknight meal.Vegetarian Vietnamese Pancakes: A fresh and bright vegetarian meal that will make you want to board the next flight to Viet-Nam.Thai Soba Noodle Bowl: A spicy soup with deep, transporting aromas.

Just Added to My “To-Make” List

Worth Talking About

  • I like hunting for printables online. So many talented people are offering {free!} creative ways to wrap gifts or decorate a table. These Ticket Folded Place Cards and Cupcake Flags are recent favorites, and this Cork Flower DIY makes a simple, inexpensive and elegant gift.
  • I’ve had yuzu on my mind ever since I came back from Japan last fall. This citrus, which tastes like a cross between a lemon, a mandarin and a grapefruit, is simply unique and has climbed to the top of my favorites list. Unfortunately, I can’t find them fresh at home, but I hear it’s being harvested more and more on the US West Coast. If you don’t know yuzu and wonder if it is worth hunting for it, this gorgeous post should instantly convince you.
  • Noma is one the few super-hyped restaurants I actually wish I’d have the chance to eat at. The chef seems very down to earth, the food is intriguing and the restaurant is gorgeous. So is Noma’s new FoodLab, where the team conducts culinary experiments and tests new recipes. The space is so breathtakingly beautiful, I can easily imagine how creatively stimulating it is for the chefs who work there.
  • Adam (of Paris Pâtisseries) is obsessed with the art of pastry-making in the City of Lights. His latest fixation? Jacques Genin’s éclair au chocolat. I haven’t tasted it yet, but he makes it sound so divine that I think it may be worth planning a trip to Paris for.

Have a great and delicious weekend!


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  1. So glad your time in Sicily ended on a much better note than it started. I am so homesick for Catania, so I look forward to asking (read: coercing) my hubby to make your caponata recipe! I hope you ate enough for both of us! :-)

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