{Happy Fridays} A major blog redesign in the works, a major food conference in Quebec City, my major love for eggs, and more!

“Happy Fridays” is a weekly column in which I share my latest news, favorite recipes, as well as anything and everything exciting.

{Happy Fridays} A major blog redesign in the works, a major food conference in Quebec City, my major love for eggs, and more!

Last weekend, winter (and snow and freezing rain and tornado-like winds) came back to pay us a visit. When life gives you lemons? Make Lemon Meringue Pie!

What’s New

  • Macarons are still very popular: Trend experts and countless articles have been calling the end of the macaron fad for a while now, but I see them as much more than a fad: they’ve been enjoyed in France for over 200 years! Most North Americans have just been introduced to the delicacy, which explains why they are currently so popular on this side of the ocean. In my own modest way, I can attest that people are far from being bored with macarons: this week, I was quite shocked to see that my Macaron How-To Video had reached 110,000 views! I had not visited my YouTube page for a while so this came as a complete surprise to me. The video and my technique are far from perfect, but I’m happy that it seems to help so many successfully making macarons. I don’t know about you, but I still love them. I think they are one of the most satisfying French confectionary to make at home.
  • Redesigning my blog (finally!): I’m currently working on redesigning (or should I say, rebuilding) my blog from scratch. It’s still the same as I launched it over 2 years ago, and many things have been bugging me from day one. I finally managed to set aside some time to redesign it and the “new and improved” Food Nouveau should be online sometime next week. I’m very happy with this major change and I can’t wait to unveil my new site to all!
  • A major food conference in Quebec City (finally!): Tomorrow is Quebec’s first-ever FoodCamp and I’m really excited about it! Over the last few years, I’ve travelled quite a bit to go find inspiration, meet fellow bloggers and learn about the food writing, photography and blogging worlds, so I can hardly believe an event is now happening in my hometown–it’s literally a 5-minute drive away from home! One of Quebec’s prominent bloggers, Francis (Tranche de Pain), is behind this ambitious event during which some of the city’s best chefs will demo their skills by cooking local terroir products. There will be inspiration, food, drinks, friends and fun, for sure. I’ll make sure and report back about the event so everyone can see what a dynamic food scene is growing over here (not just in Montreal!).

Worth Talking About

  • Speaking of Montreal, here’s a list of 11 Things to Eat in Montreal Right Now, according to Food Republic. I don’t agree with the whole list, but there are good pointers in there. Maybe I should write up the “Things to Eat in Quebec Right Now” list next?
  • While planning our upcoming trip to Copenhagen, I’ve read some fascinating articles about Nordic Cuisine, which I wanted to learn more about. Of course, many articles are about the über-famous Noma and its charismatic chef, René Redzepi. I found The Noma Effect particularly interesting, because it not only recounts a meal at the restaurant, but tells more about Redzepi’s story (with quotes from the chef himself) and his cooking philosophy. I also liked this video interview with Matthew Orlando, Noma’s current head chef.
  • I love anything mini, so these miniature food sculptures made me smile. I want a bag of those mini pretzels!
  • Is your ultimate life-goal to work less? What would you do if you were not working? Books that aim at teaching how to work shorter hours are huge best-sellers, but sometimes I think people should put their efforts into finding a way to work at what they love, instead of wishing they would stop working. This article, There’s Nothing Wrong With A 40-Hour Workweek, is an interesting read on the topic, and a great discussion is also unfolding in the comments section.

Just Added to My “To-Make” List

How to Make a Better Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, by Ruth ReichlNam Prik Pao Fried Rice with Shrimp and Pineapple, by SheSimmers, Thai Home CookingPanna Cotta with Strawberries in Balsamic Syrup, by Feasts for All Seasons
Click on each picture for recipes and photo credits.

  • Lemon + maple syrup = bliss, I’m sure. I won’t wait for warmer days to come before making this Maple Lemonade.
  • Who else can elevate the humble PB&J sandwich but Ruth Reichl? She makes it desirable and luscious. I eat PB&J toasts every morning, but this weekend, I may very well try a sandwich instead.
  • As long as you have eggs in the fridge, you’ll never be hungry. That’s how much I love eggs anyway! Unfortunately, lots of people don’t know how to cook them right (I plead guilty!). Shauna, the Gluten-Free Girl, has fairly recently started publishing videos starring her Chef husband, and I especially love their eggs series. Learn how to poach an egg (a technique that frightens many) as well as how to cook eggs sunny side up or over easy.
  • Speaking of eggs, adding one to rice fried with leftover vegetables is a delicious and quick weeknight dinner solution. In case you feel for fancier fried rice, here’s a recipe that should get you started: Nam Prik Pao Fried Rice with Shrimp and Pineapple.
  • Creamy Panna CottaBalsamic strawberries. Need I say more? Didn’t think so.

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Have a great and delicious weekend!

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