{Happy Friday} An early glimpse of summer, the Easter Island mystery revealed, inspiring rhubarb recipes, and more!

{Happy Friday} An early glimpse of summer, the Easter Island mystery revealed, inspiring rhubarb recipes, and more!
Photo by Frances, via Flickr.

What’s New

July has come early in Quebec City: we’ve been enjoying exceptionally warm weather for the past week. Every year, I always tell myself I must not expect summer to arrive before mid-June to avoid disappointment, so I see this week as an early sunny bonus! We’ve enjoyed lazy afternoons on the terrace, bike rides, delicious barbecued meals and refreshing cocktails over the long holiday weekend. Let me just say it did wonders for our mood! I just hope this doesn’t mean July will be cold and rainy (knock on wood!).

Worth Talking About

  • Looking for summer reads recommendations? T. Susan Chang has shared the NPR cookbook roundup, as well as her own recommendations with themes such as “Best Reboot-Your-Salad Book” and “Fun Trend Cookbook for Bedside Reading”.
  • Are you as fascinated by the Easter Island statues as I am? I’ve always found them intriguing and mysterious. This week, I learned that some those big heads actually have bodies attached to them! Seeing the full statues revealed is actually giving me chills (They were buried by dirt and detritus washed down from the top of the island! They have symbols carved in their backs! They show trace of red pigment, which was used to paint them!) The report released by the Easter Island Statue Project is absolutely fascinating.
  • Spenser Magazine has released a new issue! The May-June issue celebrates meat in Cajun country, takes on a roadtrip through California’s Central Coast, gives us a glimpse into René Redzepi’s kitchen, educates us about chocolate, and much, much more. Don’t miss it!

Just Added to My “To-Make” List

This week, I saw a flood of rhubarb recipes inundating blogs and culinary sites, and with good reason: it’s in season! Rhubarb is a very unique plant: its tartness being perfect balance to sweet dishes, but also solid flavor to savory ones. My parents used to grow rhubarb in the backyard when I was growing up, and my Mom making rhubarb compotes, crisps or upside-down cakes was always the first sign that summer was right around the corner. This year, I feel like I want to get creative with rhubarb; here are six gorgeous recipes that are inspiring me right now:

Sweet and Sour Rhubarb Soup by La Cucina ItalianaRhubarb and Rosewater Syrup by 101 CookbooksRye, Rhubarb and Beer Porridge by Green Kitchen Stories
Rhubarb and Almond Panna Cotta by Cook Your DreamRhubarb Tarte Tatin by TarteletteRoasted Rhubarb Sherbet By Cannelle et Vanille
Click on each picture for recipes and photo credits.

Have a great and delicious weekend!


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