{Food on Film} Fäviken, Northern Sweden

{Food on Film} Fäviken, Northern Sweden / FoodNouveau.com

Ever since I visited Copenhagen earlier this year, I’ve grown more and more interested in Nordic cuisine, which is probably at its trendiest right now. With Noma winning Best Restaurant in the World three years in a row (and showing no sign of losing its appeal), gourmands from all over the world are now curious about what Scandinavian chefs cook in their kitchens. One young chef who’s fast becoming a star is Magnus Nillson from Fäviken, in Northern Sweden. He’s been called “The Rising Star of Nordic Cooking” by The Guardian and his restaurant has been named “The World’s Most Daring Restaurant” by Bon Appétit. Fäviken holds position #34 in this year’s San Pellegrino World’s Top 100 Restaurants list (the same list that is topped by Noma).

Chef Nillson, who trained in some of Paris’ best kitchens (L’Arpège and L’Astrance), has opened Fäviken in a very unlikely location: 750 kilometers north of Stockholm. The place is hard-to-reach and cold most of the year, but it abounds with wild ingredients such as trout, eel, moose and hare as well as a wide range of mushrooms, herbs, and vegetables. With these locally grown, high quality products, Nillson creates “simple but precise” dishes, which I’m sure taste anything but ordinary.

Because it’s unlikely I can make it there soon (both because of the restaurant’s location and its growing popularity), I’m happy to hear that Phaidon will soon release a book about Fäviken, along with gorgeous pictures and recipes. This video, the book’s trailer, provides great insight into Chef Nillson’s philosophy.

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