{Food on Film} Classic Pesto

{Food on Film} Classic Pesto, by Tiger in a Jar / FoodNouveau.com

Now that fall’s in full swing, maybe you’ve run out of ideas about what to do with what’s left in the garden. One of my favorite things to do with fresh herbs is to preserve them in oil so I can spoon them here and there, in soups, sandwiches or dressings, all winter long and enjoy a little burst of that fresh herb flavor even during the coldest months of the year.

Making fresh pesto is something I love to do, but I have a curse with basil, don’t ask me why. I just cannot grow it. I buy new basil seedlings every year, but no matter where I put it (in the shade or in the sun), how I grow it (in pots or in the ground), or how often I water it (regularly or not), it inevitably dies on me or ends up with bugs. As a result, I usually buy more mature plants and use the leaves as quickly as possible. And what’s the best way to use up lots of basil? Why, pesto, of course!

I’ve watched this pesto-making video several times because it has a calming effect on me. The rhythm is slow, the music is smooth to the ears and the color palette is just so soothing. I can pretty much smell the basil when the woman uses a mezzaluna to cut it! I love the fact that the pesto’s made in such a rustic way, by chopping everything coarsely straight onto a wooden board. I imagine how lovely that pesto would taste, simply slathered on a thick slice of toasted Italian country bread…

Classic Pesto from Tiger in a Jar on Vimeo.

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