In My Suitcase From… Paris

What’s in my suitcase when I come back from a trip? Edible things. When abroad, I love to visit grocery stores the way others do souvenir shops and I always end up with small jars or packages of things I want to experience with back home.

“In my suitcase from…” will be a recurring theme on FoodNouveau. I will post about my findings right when I come back from my trips and of course update you when I cook with it. If you have suggestions of what to do with anything I bring back, please comment because frankly, sometimes I barely know what it is! Traveling is about discoveries, no?

So a couple of days ago I came back from a trip to Paris during the course of which I visited my usual gourmet shops: G. Detou, Bovida, Dehillerin and Mora, all in the 2nd arrondissement, right by Les Halles (see the address book below). I always stay in that arrondissement and these shops are no strangers to it. Over a couple of blocks, you can find everything you ever dreamed of cooking with. Of course, I also visited La Grande Épicerie de Paris, the world’s most beautiful grocery store (according to me). This time around, I also wanted to go to Izraël for spices, but when I was there, it was randomly closed in the middle of the afternoon (as it often happens in Paris). Also wanted to go to Goumanyat, but the day I scheduled to go there, I was too tired to do the trek and I had already found most of what I wanted to bring back. Next time for sure!

Here’s a short list of the most exotic things I brought back from Paris and what I plan to use them for. If you have any suggestions, please send them to me!

Japanese powdered green tea, the Matcha kind.
Where did I buy it? G. Detou.
What will I do with it? Macarons, cupcakes, gelato.

Trablit coffee extract. Both Pierre Hermé and David Lebovitz say it’s the best. Enough said.
Where did I buy it? La Grande Épicerie de Paris.
What will I do with it? Anything baked. But first, macarons.

Pistachio paste.
Where did I buy it? G. Detou
What will I do with it? It seems it’s the secret behind the best pistachio macarons (not powdered pistachios). I also have a pistachio gelato recipe I want to try.

Titanium dioxyde or white food coloring.
Where did I buy it? G. Detou
What will I do with it? Not sure yet if I’ll do something with it. It sounds more like something that should be used in a science lab! But Pierre Hermé uses it in some of his macaron recipes to brighten the lightest colors.

Metallic food coloring: pink, bronze and silver.
Where did I buy it? Mora
What will I do with it? Make macarons and cupcakes prettier.

Valrhona white chocolate, 3 kg bag.
Where did I buy it? G. Detou
What will I do with it? Many things! I had to buy it on the morning we left, a bit ashamed to show I was really planning to bring 3kg of white chocolate back home! Valrhona is one of the finest chocolate makers and white chocolate is the secret in Pierre Hermé’s macaron creams. I also want to try it in a vanilla and white chocolate gelato.

Address book:

  • G. Detou (spices, chocolate, tea, specialty oils and vinegars)
    58 Rue Tiquetonne
    75002 Paris, France
  • Bovida (cooking equipment and nice tableware)
    36 Rue Montmartre
    75002 Paris, France
  • E. Dehillerin (cooking equipment, copper cookware)
    18 Rue Coquillière
    75001 Paris, France
  • Mora (everything related to pastry making)
    13 Rue Montmartre
    75001 Paris, France
  • La Grande Épicerie de Paris (to visit one of the finest grocery stores in the world)
    24 Rue de Sèvres
    75007 Paris, France
What do you think of this recipe? Got any questions? Let's chat!

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