{Food on Film} Bear Pond Espresso, Tokyo

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Lately, I’ve watched so many amazing short films about food, artisans, restaurateurs, and chefs that I decided I needed to share one of my favorites every week. This new weekly column is called “Food on Film”: every Tuesday, I will share a new video. Short (perfect for our low-attention span generation), insightful, artsy and often moving, these films will make you want to travel far and eat great food.

My trip to Japan last fall was somewhat life-changing, so much so that I’ve struggled to digest everything I’ve seen, tasted and experienced over there and I’ve barely written about it yet. Since I got back, I’ve read many articles and books and watched movies and videos about Japan, in an attempt to take control over my own discoveries and find a way to share it all. I thought it was only fitting that for my first Food on Film edition would feature a video shot in Tokyo, and it features the Bear Pond Espresso, a tiny coffee bar I just added to my Japan visits wishlist. The place is known for its unique way of making espresso and its somewhat eccentric owner, Katsuyuki Tanaka (he refuses to serve espresso past 2PM). His accent is very heavy so maybe you’ll need to watch this film more than once to catch everything. No worries, grab an espresso and savor these caffeine-fueled three minutes.

“Espresso is just 30 seconds. When it’s done, out! But the espresso still drains and so when you take off the cup, it stains the end of the cup. This is not dirty; this stain is evidence for angels. I’m not making angel stains you know, it’s a present from God. You know what I’m saying?”
– Katsuyuki Tanaka, owner and barrista, Bear Pond Espresso

Life Is Bear Pond Espresso from Jake Davis on Vimeo.

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    • I love the guy, embodies the classic uncompromising Japanese attitude to perfection. Would love to have a cup of his espresso!

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