An Unplugged Vacation in Paradise

Saba from Afar, photo by Richie Diesterheft // FoodNouveau.com

Over the past few weeks, I got overwhelmed with work, as evidenced by my lack of recent posts. Deadlines colliding, a trip to San Francisco for the annual IACP conference, and an upcoming vacation all contributed to make me spend every waking hour in front of my computer screen, without ever feeling like I was in full control of my task list. It’s been an exhausting end of winter!

I’m leaving tomorrow for a week’s vacation, and I plan for them to be completely unplugged. No social media for one full week. I can’t remember the last time I’ve done this! Imagine sightseeing without pausing to Instagram; eating meals without photographing every plate; getting through your day without narrating it on Twitter? Although I generally don’t feel stressed by social media management, I believe a week away from it all will be relaxing and refreshing.

Saba, as seen from Mt. Scenery, photo by Radioflux // FoodNouveau.com

So we’re off to Saba, a small, 1,600-soul island in the Dutch Antilles, just off Sint Maarten. Saba is a paradise for divers: the waters around it as well as the seabed and seamounts are preserved as the Saba Marine Park, making it one of the top diving destinations in the Caribbean. One of its distinctive characteristics is that the island is in fact a dormant volcano, making for a breath-taking profile that steeply rises up from the sea. It has no beaches to speak of, and it’s covered with a dense rainforest that is home to unique flora (wild orchids!) and hundreds of bird species. We look forward to long, lazy days, beautiful hikes, delicious meals, and amazing discoveries.

Saba's Marine Life, photo by Marc AuMarc // FoodNouveau.com

I’ll see you in a little more than a week. A couple of posts will be published on Food Nouveau next week (as well as corresponding tweets and Facebook posts), but I swear, it won’t be cheating – everything’s scheduled.

Have you ever taken an unplugged vacation? Any favorite spots you’d care to share?

Photo Credits:
1: Saba from Afar, by Richie Diesterheft (Flickr Creative Commons)
2: View from Mt. Scenery, Saba, by Radioflux (Wikipedia Commons)
3: Diving Tent Reef in Saba, by Marc AuMarc (Flickr Creative Commons)

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