Where Has Summer Gone? A Blogging Hiatus and a Big Announcement

Monet's Gardens in Giverny, France // FoodNouveau.com
Snapshots of summer: Monet’s Gardens in Giverny, France

No, you’re not dreaming. It’s been months (!!) since I’ve posted on Food Nouveau! It’s the longest break from blogging that I’ve ever taken, and I’ve been feeling guilty about it every day.

It all started back in May, right after I came back from a trip to Paris with my mom, and I started working long hours on designing and producing the second issue of Quebec City’s food magazine, Fou des Foodies, which was published on June 13th (it’s a free digital magazine— in French—browse it online here!). As anybody who has ever worked on a magazine project will tell you, the last weeks before publication are always crazy. Even when everything goes well, it’s still a lot of work, and I juggled that project with the rest of my freelancing work. As weeks went by, I had to prioritize, and, unfortunately, Food Nouveau was the first to suffer.

Since then, I’ve had trouble getting back into it. With each week that passed, my blog began feeling like an old friend with whom you’ve lost contact for so long that you feel awkward about calling again. So much time has passed—where should I start? Should I pretend like nothing happened?

A narrow backstreet in Paris // FoodNouveau.com
Snapshots of summer: A narrow backstreet in Paris

The lake in front of our chalet in St-Férréol-les-Neiges, an hour out of Quebec City // FoodNouveau.com
Snapshots of summer: The lake in front of our chalet in St-Férréol-les-Neiges, an hour out of Québec City

Back in the spring, I received big (huge!) news too: I’m pregnant! It’s been a long time coming. E and I have been “working” on this project for years, and after high hopes, miscarriages, endless medical tests, and a constant roller coaster of emotions, it looks like we’ll finally be parents. I received a positive pregnancy test in late April while we were on vacation in Saba. For the first few months, I was feeling really stressed, and I quickly realized that worrying about the pregnancy and counting the days until I reached the three-month mark was eating up all of my free time. When I was working, it felt like I was on autopilot, going from one task to the next. Slowly, I lost the will to do the things I used to live for: cooking and writing. Thus, the hiatus.

Mind you, I didn’t spend all summer locked inside, sitting in a corner, doing nothing. I still cooked, but I made much simpler dishes, and I went back to “un-blogworthy” (but oh-so-delicious!) classics. Besides working, I did everything that I usually do, except blogging. Suddenly, thinking about my next post was the least of my worries, and taking pictures of the dishes that I ate in restaurants didn’t seem so important anymore—in fact, quite frankly, it felt liberating. Once, while E and I were enjoying an especially good meal, he asked, “Don’t you want to take pictures?” I realized then and there that I hadn’t even thought about it. I was on blogging vacation!

The beach in Santa Monica, California // FoodNouveau.com
Snapshots of summer: The beach in Santa Monica, California

So slowing down has been feeling really good, but now, it feels like the break has been long enough. This post is my commitment to getting back into the game. Starting next week, new recipes, how-tos, restaurant reviews, and travel posts will make a comeback, and my weekly Edible Cities column will return in September, with fresh, new contributors and even more travel inspiration.

How has your summer been? If you have suggestions or requests for the blog (or pregnancy tips, what have you!), as usual, please don’t hesitate to send me a line! It’ll be my greatest pleasure to hear from you, and it’ll only motivate me to make Food Nouveau a part of my daily routine again.

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4 Responses to Where Has Summer Gone? A Blogging Hiatus and a Big Announcement

  1. So happy for you Marie! Et tellement contente que dans ton été tu aies pris du temps pour moi, pour nous et pour mon mariage. Already missing you very much! Can’t wait to see you and E becoming parents. Another ‘thing’ we’ll gladly share over -sometimes long ;)- emails and Facetime sessions, yay! xxx

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